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There seems to be diffren types of mums not just how they punish there children ect.

But like when we were children are self’s it never seems to change when we are the parents.

We seem to have those who have always been the leaders and those whom feel the need to follow.

You have those who have to be cool and have to do things the way brad and jen do ect…

Then of course you have those that just want to be there own person and not follow trends.

Then like when we were kids you have those that are playing mummy and babies when it suits but moment it dont put it aside for better things.

Of course you get those who are always there making sure everyone is ok and if they need any help.

You have those that love sport and always busy busy busy,and those that are so laid back you wonder how they ever got pregnant.

The rebel who stands out as she got to defirent with her own style and dont care what others think of her.

And the sifi nerd t shirts book and toys from shows,  im told i am but if i a i am dont matter with the show

And of course the shy ones the one that wants to do best for there child but hope not to get noticed as it means they may have to talk to someone they dont know.

But unlike are school days one thing brings us altogether are children and in a strange way it is also what makes you want to talk to someone who before you may not have spoken to.

As your child may be friends with there child and you fell the need to know who your child is playing with.

It funny how so many of are habits  have changed and yet so many have not.

Even thou you may talk to some one who is diffrent to you do you really mix with them.

Do you know there heart ache or there joys do you know what there hopes and dreams are?

Maybe we should try as how can we expect are child to accept everyone and to look at whats inside a person when we are not willing to.

We try to lead by example when it comes to smoking drinking and eating right why are we not trying to when it comes to people around us.



When someone becomes a teacher a nurse doctor dos that make there personal life no longer privet.

Dos stealing photos of another persons child make them a bad teacher dos it make it be that you no longer able to be trusted to guild young minds.

I am just not sure i can understand this young ladies pain from splitting with her boyfriend but that gives her no to hurt another.

But have we open are self to this by putting are lifes open for the world to see, as a mother my self im so proud of my children that i put photos on face book and updates when they reach mile stones.

Dos that give people the right to take these photos without  asking using them for there own means?

Where do you draw the line and say that not right? Because when they go to school there photo can betaken and used on the school web site.

If you go to local children’ s center they always  take photos of events happening where by chance your child could be in the back ground.

Dos this give the right for personal photos to be used in a lie?

What ever this young ladies pain there must be another way she could of getting back at her ex like date a hotter guy maybe?

Facebook is one of the only ways i can let all my family see my young sons grow up and why should that give any one the right to take these photos and use them .


What would you do

A man was alone in his house he shares with his wife and son when two men break in and try to steal form the house.

Some where in middel of all that was going o the man killed one of the two men that broke into his house.

The second man is hurt as well but alive and being charged with attempted burglary and i hear you ask what about the other genital-man well he getting charged with murder.

As a singel mum of two young boys i wonder if i was broken into again but this time with me in the flat what would i be able to do to protect me  and my kids and if i hit them with a base ball bat would i be done for abh or gbh.

As iv bee broken into before and found that very scary knowing soe one had been in my home searched throw my stuff.

And the feeling that as im disabled im more aware of what i can and cant do it scary.

Why should you be charged for protecting your home they comeinto your home to ruin your home make it no longer feel like a safe haeven from the world outside which it should be.

I know that when ever i get home i put the key in the lock and for couple of seconds hold my breath wondering if any one has been in there.

And at night some time when i wake i wonder if any one is in here that should not be knowing they been throw my personal stuff and treated things that mean alot to me like rubish.

Someone comes in to your home to steal they dont just steal objects from your home they also take a bit of you that bit that makes you feel safe.

Its so wrong that you cant keep your self safe without fear of the law as they dont fear the law for ruining your life its a joke.

What would he say if he could talk.

My youngest child dos not talk as much as my oldest but he dont need words really. He is very expressive in his gabbling and expressions. today we were going to tesscos as we shopped a lady about 80 came over to the trolley and looked at my blond hair blue eyed 16month old boy. she bends down to him and says” you are a cute little boy ” my son throwned  at her then out of his Innocent mouth comes just plain simple words ” yes kai is”i could fill my face going red looking  around hopeful that others did not hear  and saying sorry to the lady several times and she laughed and said good that he not afraid  to express his views and that i could agree with her.  We have had many time when things like this have happened one of my exs friends saw me in town with the baby looked at him and said i bet your daddy proud of you and as if little one had read my mind he look at her and said “who that”. When i took them to town one day me my mum and the boys we were walking throw town and there was a drunk man stumbling around in the road. i said  to my mum look drunk in middle of the day. And little man in his push chair points with his little chubby finggers “look look kj look drunk kj look” i could not belive it i felt totally shocked that he had managed that word and yelling it so loudly.I do wonder if knows what he is saying or if it is just great timing or something. My son don’t say alot but what he dos say seem to be what he thinks about it all and what can i say i think his view on world is very simple but true. wish we all could be a little bit more like this little man .

When it come to the older one there is no getting any thing past him he just as smart as they come. When it came to talking he was 6 months old by 18 months he could tell you what he was doing were he was going and how he was going to it. Now now he comes out with some amazing things like when they doing Noahs ark at school he asked if Noah got the wood from b and q or home base.  And many other amazing things like this. when he was three and i was pregnant with kai he asked when kai would be cooked and why he could not see the timer like the cooker timer. i could go on and on but my point to this is that adults should be more like this 2 boys look at world untainted simple and see things as they are not as we want them to be.