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Daily prompt Facebook

WordPress references Facebook’s recent trouble with offensive content by asking: Is it a websites job to moderate the content users post? Or should users have freedom to say what they want? Is there a happy medium? If so, how would you structure it?

The second question asks: “…should users have freedom to say what they want?” The assumption underlying this question is that, currently, ‘all’ users have freedom to say what they want. Is that true?

As it is meant to be young adults and adults on Facebook it should safe but its not.
But the way they do it at moment is not right. Iv been reported for making a comment about my ex saying that he needed to grow up which he reported but the comment was in reply to him saying he did not feel old enough to be a dad even thou he had two children before mine and is in his 40s. There is keeping the bullying to a minimal then there’s over drive to point of being unable to express any thing. But then Iv seen other things said that Facebook have done nothing about. There needs to be a group of maybe volunteers that have full access to read all pages not emails ect unless someone is getting hassle and allows a person to but they would be able to asses situations. And by guid lines and taking into account statements of those involved . Because the way Facebook is why now I no longer have an account.


I still think of you all the time do you think of me to
When I go to your home town I wonder if I will see you again.
When I watch some films or here a song I think of your silly ways and funny things you said or did.
You made me cry so many times you broke my heart and Iv never knew why.
You had magic in your heart and your eyes showed it all the time.
But that magic that love fiery passion was all for one thing and that was not me. I wondered if I had mett you later when I was older would you and me be we would I be lonely tonight still.
You where the only one to break my heart one day I hope I dream maybe just maybe you see me again
But that just a dream

What’s in a name my name has lots in it

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it?
All those years ago when my mum was pregnant with me she defied to ask my then 2 year old big sister what they should call the new baby.
At that Kipling my sister loved the song Mickey the 80s song oh Mickey what a pity you don’t understand take you by the heart ect.
Well thank heavens just before I was born shaken Stevens made the song oh oh Julie. Then when my mum had me she wanted me to have her oldest sisters middle name so they named me Julianne. Which is nice as it stands out because of the fact that it is not overly popular and I do used it on things like applying for jobs ect as it sticks in people’s minds. I get called jools by at first my fav uncle then by rest of my family that has always been a family name for me. I love the fact that I can shorten my name to Julie which I do.
But at school people would be horrible but now I’m older I realize that it don’t matter.
Only thing I would change is give my self of a middle name.
So when I had my sons I chose family names and names I liked with meaning my oldest sons name is
Kierren after a solider I knew who pasted the day my son was born protected some children. Then my favorite uncle is David jack so jack from him
Micheal is one of his middle names other is Campbell
Michael is my uncle David’s husbands name and my dads middle name.
Campbell is great uncle who was born early was not meant to survive the birth as his mum had TB but he made it 6 months and when kierren was born I thought that he needed strength for his fight being early and whole in heart one working kidney. So I gave him name that means strength to us in family.
Ps also kierren as it means little prince.

It was chosen by my son family tradition now.
Ewan comes from fact that its my brother in laws name.
His dad chose this name and never told me why.
He mainly gets called Kai Kai or rhyse ( re c)

Disabled dating

Finding love as a single mum who is disabled is a complicated scary game.
And yes as bad as it sounds it is a game

Game plane of dating as a single mum (I will add on the disabled bits at bottom)
1. When you think about dating think about how your little ones will fit in . Will this person be a friend then boyfriend so your little one will not be aware of dating this person.

2. Will you be dating with group of friends ie they set you up on dates. Or online dating as you need game plan before you start as you need to work out what you’re doing before you do it.

3. If you’re not going to be friends first when are they going to be introduced to your children. As you need to consider the effects of if it don’t work on your little family.

4.When you decided to start dating you need to decide what you going to tell your children. Because its better at some point they know instead of just announcing that your pregnant or he’s moving in pushing you out.

5. When dating as a person with a disability when time is right explain your medical condition not as soon as you meet as its hard to find someone will to date a person with a disability. Then to scare them of with medical information.

6. Be clear when you arrange the date what you are able to do and not do.

7. I know as single mum and disabled its hard not to be so happy and carried away with love but a week into dating don’t start talking about moving in and babies.

When you have dated for a while you need to consider if this is go get to stage of moving in that you need to talk of your extra needs. If your in a wheelchair what you need help with and if your going to keep any help you got or not.

A lot of things on this list sometimes scares guys away but that just means there not right guy.

Shopping with drama prince

On and of today Iv been wondering what to write about. Told that personal blogs are not good but sorry I want to write what I know about.
Lately we have become all to aware that Kai has hit 3 as some of you are aware he has a delay in most areas so they class disability as global delay. So 3 is basically the terrible 2s for him and oh my gosh rant they just. So today going to do food shopping but Kai did not want to come as I could not find his trainers so had to put his shoes on him. So first we had the treatment of” Kai stay here mummy” so I told him how little boys can’t stay home alone. At that point he points out that he is by no means alone tinsel( which is my parents 7 month old lad ) is home with him and darlek and Oreo my cats and the fish. When he’s finish rattling of that list I tell him the are not able to care for him. I get the one most dreaded word in this house at the moment “why” so go throw all reasons why at same time thinking I am losing to a 3 year old when did my life become this……..
Silence falls for a moment I can see this look in his eyed telling me with saying a single word opps.
Then just a simple ok mummy. Now knowing the fight his just had with me when I thought oh no your up to something and yes he was.
Car trip was ok so was getting into store couple problems when getting trolley.
So going around store Kai decided to begin singing a lovely song and this is how it goes.
Kai got a little winkey kierren got little one to,
Nandad has got a huge winkey, mummy a mini so has nanny to .
This went on for four ails till he changed to yelling out mummy mummy I need to go a big poo. No matter how many Times I answered him. But thing is he was having fun he was not screaming or any thing. But the reactions where the best I had was” can’t you control him. To other mums and dads laughing. Manager saying he made her boring day happy. But I rather like to think of this as Kai’s dramatic moments.
From Julie

Daily prompt stuck in the past

Fiction writers: You’re stuck in an elevator with an intriguing stranger. Write this scene.

Non-fiction writers: You’re stuck in an elevator with a person from your past. Write this scene.

Busy shopping in the optical shopping centre in reading as normal this time of year it’s jam-packed with people rushing around and there.
I walked towards the lift with massive winter scene on it. Pressed the button and while I waited organised the bags on my lap and ones on my wheelchair handles. Then the doors opened and I had the shock of my life there he stood with his blond hair in a kinda surfer dude look and huge blue eyes. My heart missed a beat. I knew I had no choice but to get in this lift as my mum had the boys and I was already late worn out and just wanted to go home this last thing I needed. Worst of all I could not move away from him as lift was just wide enough for a wheelchair and person so just me and him.
Pushed my self into the lift praying next stop was his. Lift went up on stop and doors didn’t open I turned my head to see when this nightmare was going to end. But then they flashed and flashed again then stopped smoke and sparks came out of the control panel.
I looked around thinking I must be asleep as no one has to realise nightmares unless they are asleep.
Then things got even worse.
He crouched down to look my in the face a couple of times he tried to speak but nothing come out. Those first couple of time was like someone’s sick joke if I didn’t know any better I would of though someone had a camera in the lift watching the terror on my face knowing when he spoke what he would talk about.
Then he managed it in a quite almost concerned voice”how are you these days?” I told him how I was ok and had two boys now and training I had gained. I asked how he was to be polite begging the elevator to suddenly start working. He told me how his marriage had failed but he had two boys now. Then came the moment I had feared ” where did we go wrong” he asked straight out not even a stutter or any thing. I got so mad at that moment how could he be so stupid not to know where it went wrong. Well for starters there was lying to others so I would get tormented yelled at and made to look a foul all for dumping you when you cheated. Then took you back and the aforementioned happened when I found out you blamed me. When I got pregnant you treated me badly broke my heart and blamed me for losing the baby. But I rose above that and answered ” we where young I was 18 still growing into becoming me and we just out grow each other . For over an hour he asked question after question of how come we split why I never got back with him if I thought about him. Most of which I answered honestly but last one I lined and said no but I had every year near my birthday the last time I saw him is when I think about him and one of my heavenly baby’s. but I always think that it all happened so my boys had someone to look over them when they were born early. He asks me why I’m quite was I thinking about the good times . I smiled and said yes but those good times lead to bad and then to where I am now. Suddenly the lift starts moving I here someone yell something then lift stops and opened by some big tool . Just outside the lift I thank him for helping me become who I am today.
Then we go on are own ways.

Help please people

Ok so this is bit different from normal post but its bugging me so I’m sorry but here I have the freedom to type it out.
As you all are aware Iv lost both my grandparents this last month. Well next week is my grandaddys funeral and thing is I’m not sure what to do about my boys. Kai’s still young enough to be non aware really. What with his year delay he’s only really about 2. But kierren he’s nearly seven and very bright . And my grandaddy wants to be cremated which I don’t feel is right for a child to see. And as I don’t have partner and my parents will be going I’m just not sure what to do. I had family have ago at me when I was unable to attend my Nan’s due to Kai having chicken poxs. What is the right thing to do when there is a cremation of a family member and your children are over toddler age but to young to have total understanding of death. If any one has any idea any advice I am more then willing to hear advice.

Daily prompt

You receive a gift that is bittersweet and makes you nostalgic. What is it?
This has taken all day to write as what I’m going to write about is very emotional but it be good to write it.
In the last month we have lost both my grandparents which has be so very hard.
I felt as if my world had caved in when this happened I had lost lost so much so had my mum and sister and my sons.
My grandparents where second parents because when summer holidays came around I would go stay with them every year when in England or Germany. I would stay with them . My first year of life I stayed with them with my mum and sister as my dad was away with the army.
So you can understand how close I was to my grandparents.
Well back to 2013 and several days after my granddad died as he died two weeks ago now.
Well just several days after he had passed away I friend of mine brought a box over I opened it and it was photos printed of my old PCM that I thought was damaged in the flood.
Well days later I finely got around to sorting throw and found a photo I had totally forgot about a photo of my oldest with my grandparents.
It was heart reaching as I was so very happy to see this photo of just before they had got ill but also it reminded me that they never meet my youngest because in there last years of life they where unaware and at times violent.
But looking at that moment court in time my proud grandparents with there great- grandson brought some warmth that they meet kj but also that now they are both out of pain but also that they are together now and with their siblings now.
I love you nana and granddaddy now and forever

DAILY PROMPT mysterious man

You encounter a mysterious man offering you a magic potion that, once sipped, will make one of your senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) super sharp — but dull the others. Will you sip it, and if so, what sense do you choose?

you can look at this several different ways. 

One is if you have one none working sense and you could use this potion to awaken it you could do that and ask for what ever sense is high-tend lose bit of that so really it be no loss.

But what if all your sense are in total working order why would you want them heightened knowing you lose part of one sense  by doing so. I supposed  you could if say you  where  trying to find some one and heightened your sense of sight or sound would benefit but then you could only really lose sense of taste which i have before from a cold and its not nice. you could look at this many different ways but for me no i would not want to lose part of any sense. what i have i use in many different ways to benefit of my sons and my self.  

For an extra challenge, link your response to this prompt