Ten tips for mums

10. Family feuds happen—Kids are more likely to fight with their siblings than their friends. That sort of unconditional love defines family.
A study on siblings showed those whom played together and fighter got on better then those whom didn’t

9. Motherhood is not a competitive sport—Look for support and companionship from other moms. Find a group of moms from your office or neighborhood to meet regularly with to share joys, frustrations and a glass of wine with.

8. Don’t feel guilty for working or not working you have to do best for you and your family.
Not do what others think is right for there family.

7. Apology accepted—Saying you’re sorry when you make a mistake is just a small gesture that teaches your kids that no one is perfect. Children need to see you make a mistake so they feel its ok if they do.

6. It’s ok to tell little lies to get your child to archive a set task.
For example if don’t eat veg there never grow( one I use on my sons often)
Or if leave toys on floor elves will take them away thinking there unloved toys. My mate uses that.

5. Learn to laugh it of. When you find your self singing Mickey Mouse club house while packing shopping laugh.
Or going for night out when that happens and get to place to find as you take coat of a chocolate hand mark where little one had to give one last hug laugh could be worse.

4. Try and plan things to help take stress of your self. Now I should take this advice more often but don’t.

3.let others help you other cultures whole family raises them.

2. Ask other mum for advice it dos not mean you

1. You can raise a healthy eater Get your kids into the kitchen.


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