26th June 1284

As a young child I visited Hamelin I saw the writings on the towns walls. I saw the play there and walked down the street where no music shall play no dancing shall happen.being seven when it enchanted me since that day many times I have had many questions. And had many theories about this event.
26th June 1284 130 children born in Hamelin were to follow the Pied Piper from the village but no one truly knows why the piper took the children. Historians have agreed that the tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, that was recorded in the 19th century by The brothers Grimm, is based on an actual event in which the children in Hamelin disappeared.There is a 14th century manuscript that states: “In the year of 1284, on June 26…a piper, clothed in many colours. and that there was 130 children born in Hamelin these were seduced and lost at the place of execution near the hill.”
It is interesting that at no place in the manuscripts any mention of rats. They didnt get added into the story until the 16th century. Also in 1605 it was written that the children were not harmed they simply emigrated to Transylvania.
later books make the story in to be a fairy tale and add bits such as disabled child was spared because it was unable to keep up with the other children.
Some theorists and researchers recently began to believe the piper represents a plague that struck the town, claiming mainly children as its victims.
And others believe the story is a of a sudden emigration not only of children, but of adults as well from Hamelin to other places in Europe but like many story’s passed on by word of mouth. There are as many theories as there is endings to this tale.
I don’t think there will ever be any answers until more investigating is done.I just wonder why when people do all this investigate Loch Ness monster big foot and ghosts why no one looks into this. As it is one mystery that at least half the facts have never changed. It also amazes me that it is such a wide spread tale . As when it did happen communication with the rest of the world was so limited. Makes me want to know so much more. Any one other then me think about it? Or any other mystery?



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