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Is it for girls or boys only?

My oldest son loves the show monster high. And without a second thought he asked me for some of the action figures . In his mind when he liked ironman when he had enough pocket money I got him the toys. So why should this be any different? Why should some toys be in the girl section of the toy store. And why is there even a girl section in a toy store shouldn’t all toys be for both boys and girls.Because of this boy girl toys my son has to hide from his friends that he has these toys.Or if they do find out I hear him justifying his choice tell them well there monsters and monsters are for boys as well as girls. and there action figures not dolls. What are we saying to are children by having some toy that are for one sex or the other. And why is it that if a girl is seen with a toy car it is seen as the girl just being a tom boy. but when a boy is seen with a doll you hear things like there be a wuss or are a wuss or even such things as your turn them gay. With all the talk of gender nutral is it not time that we start at the beginning boy making toys gender neutral as things like puppy in my pocket come up on store recites as girls and many boys like playing with animal based toys. children should be able to expresses there self throw play without fear of repercussion. as what damage can be done to a child when they see all these toys they want or wish to play with and they are told that no these are for boys or girls only. I wonder if other parents who have a child like mine and allow there child to play with own some of these toys.? I also wonder how many people I wonder how many people think the gender lableing of toys is wrong? And where would I start with to getting it changed



Only you

My heart is breaking my body is shaking with tears that fall from my eyes. You knew the real me the person that loved deep and true. I remember the days of laughter no tears you where always there no matter what you cared loved me and was always there. What am I going to do there is never going to be another you one in a million.what can i say or do now I don’t know as you always had advice. At times like this I would turn to you as you always new what to do. If I said o you the pain was burning in my soul you would say carry n for one more day then one more till that pain is no more. I know that this can not be true when iv lost the one and only you. But soon I keep a promise made long ago in laughter but promised with love. So I will try stop crying and really start trying to make my dreams come true for the one and only you.
My nanny