Only you

My heart is breaking my body is shaking with tears that fall from my eyes. You knew the real me the person that loved deep and true. I remember the days of laughter no tears you where always there no matter what you cared loved me and was always there. What am I going to do there is never going to be another you one in a million.what can i say or do now I don’t know as you always had advice. At times like this I would turn to you as you always new what to do. If I said o you the pain was burning in my soul you would say carry n for one more day then one more till that pain is no more. I know that this can not be true when iv lost the one and only you. But soon I keep a promise made long ago in laughter but promised with love. So I will try stop crying and really start trying to make my dreams come true for the one and only you.
My nanny


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