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26th June 1284

As a young child I visited Hamelin I saw the writings on the towns walls. I saw the play there and walked down the street where no music shall play no dancing shall happen.being seven when it enchanted me since that day many times I have had many questions. And had many theories about this event.
26th June 1284 130 children born in Hamelin were to follow the Pied Piper from the village but no one truly knows why the piper took the children. Historians have agreed that the tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, that was recorded in the 19th century by The brothers Grimm, is based on an actual event in which the children in Hamelin disappeared.There is a 14th century manuscript that states: “In the year of 1284, on June 26…a piper, clothed in many colours. and that there was 130 children born in Hamelin these were seduced and lost at the place of execution near the hill.”
It is interesting that at no place in the manuscripts any mention of rats. They didnt get added into the story until the 16th century. Also in 1605 it was written that the children were not harmed they simply emigrated to Transylvania.
later books make the story in to be a fairy tale and add bits such as disabled child was spared because it was unable to keep up with the other children.
Some theorists and researchers recently began to believe the piper represents a plague that struck the town, claiming mainly children as its victims.
And others believe the story is a of a sudden emigration not only of children, but of adults as well from Hamelin to other places in Europe but like many story’s passed on by word of mouth. There are as many theories as there is endings to this tale.
I don’t think there will ever be any answers until more investigating is done.I just wonder why when people do all this investigate Loch Ness monster big foot and ghosts why no one looks into this. As it is one mystery that at least half the facts have never changed. It also amazes me that it is such a wide spread tale . As when it did happen communication with the rest of the world was so limited. Makes me want to know so much more. Any one other then me think about it? Or any other mystery?



June 24 daily prompt

I know it’s bit late but better late than never.
Where do your morals come from — your family? Your faith? Your philosophical worldview? How do you deal with those who don’t share them, or derive them from a different source?

This could trigger a nature nurture debate.
Because where do you learn your morals from where do you learn any of the innate things that make us the people we are today. Now you can get a child born from the most horrifying family and it can be the most lovely person you have ever meet. You can get a child born from the most ammazing caring loving family that becomes the most vial person in the world. You never can tell what is gong o make a person who they are going to turn out to be. All any parent can do is hope that you have reinforced boundaries rules and morals beliefs into your child so they will mAke your chad a good person. I believe my parents did and life lessons helpped me become who I am today. I hope same shall be said one day by my son.

Ten tips for mums

10. Family feuds happen—Kids are more likely to fight with their siblings than their friends. That sort of unconditional love defines family.
A study on siblings showed those whom played together and fighter got on better then those whom didn’t

9. Motherhood is not a competitive sport—Look for support and companionship from other moms. Find a group of moms from your office or neighborhood to meet regularly with to share joys, frustrations and a glass of wine with.

8. Don’t feel guilty for working or not working you have to do best for you and your family.
Not do what others think is right for there family.

7. Apology accepted—Saying you’re sorry when you make a mistake is just a small gesture that teaches your kids that no one is perfect. Children need to see you make a mistake so they feel its ok if they do.

6. It’s ok to tell little lies to get your child to archive a set task.
For example if don’t eat veg there never grow( one I use on my sons often)
Or if leave toys on floor elves will take them away thinking there unloved toys. My mate uses that.

5. Learn to laugh it of. When you find your self singing Mickey Mouse club house while packing shopping laugh.
Or going for night out when that happens and get to place to find as you take coat of a chocolate hand mark where little one had to give one last hug laugh could be worse.

4. Try and plan things to help take stress of your self. Now I should take this advice more often but don’t.

3.let others help you other cultures whole family raises them.

2. Ask other mum for advice it dos not mean you

1. You can raise a healthy eater Get your kids into the kitchen.

1) Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii (New Zealand)
New Zealand law bans names which could cause offence to a ‘reasonable’ The judge listed some that were also blocked: Fish and Chips (twins), Yeah Detroit, Keenan Got Lucy and Sex Fruit. Number 16 Bus Shelter and Violence were allowed.

2) Venerdi AKA ‘Friday’ (Italy)
Maybe this is what the Pope was talking about. Back in 2008 a court banned an Italian couple from calling their child Venerdi (translation: Friday). The judges reckoned the name – taken from ‘Robinson Crusoe’ – would expose the boy to ‘mockery’ and was associated with ‘subservience and insecurity’.


3) Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 (Sweden)
That is an actual name a Swedish couple tried to inflict on their son back in 1996.Im told the name is pronounced ‘Albin’ and the parents chose it as a protest against Sweden’s admittedly strict naming laws. Tax authorities must give their blessing to both first and surnames before they can be used.

Has Sweden banned any other names? Oh yes. Some favourites include Metallica, IKEA, Veranda and Q. Google OK though.

4 Gusher AKA ‘Bridge’ (Norway)
Back in 1998 those nasty Norwegians threw a woman in jail (admittedly for only two days) when she failed to pay a fine for giving her son an ‘unapproved’ name. Norway has banned featuring swearing, sex and illnesses.

5) Chow Tow AKA ‘Smelly Head’ (Malaysia)
many countries have gradually relaxing name laws, Malaysian authorities have cracked down in recent years. In 2006 government they published a list of banded names that weren’t in keeping with the traditions of the country – such as Cantonese moniker Chow Tow – which means ‘Smelly Head’.

Malaysia banned any other names? Lots more Chinese efforts such as Ah Chwar (‘Snake’), Khiow Khoo (‘Hunchback’), Sor Chai (‘Insane’). Malays should also steer clear of Woti, which means ‘Sexual Intercourse because of course that has nothing to do with a baby.

6) @ (China)
Wmore than a billion fellow countrymen, finding a unique name in China is difficult. Maybe it explains why parents called their baby ‘@’ symbol – in Chinese characters it apparently looks a bit like ‘love him’. Aw aw. however the authorities were less sentimental and publicised the moniker as an example of citizens bringing bizarre names into theChinese language. What if they just called him at would that be banned I wonder.

China has banned many other names? The police have control over all names but I could not find a list was just told by person who lived there that some are banded one she knew of was a second born child called second born.

7) Miatt Germany
Germany has an entire department which decides if names are suitable. Miatt was rejected because it didn’t clearly show whether the child was a boy or a girl, but so

Has Germany banned any other names? The likes of Stompie, Woodstock and Grammophon were turned down, whereas the similarly strange Speedy, Lafayette and Jazz were

8) Anus (Denmark)
The Denmark is tougher then sweden in this regard, with parents given 7,000-odd names to choose from by the government.permission is needed to deviate from the list, with ethnic names, odd spellings and even compound surnames forbidden. Luckily for him (we assume it’s a ‘he’), Anus was one of 250-odd names rejected each year.

Denmark banned has other names?Pluto and Monkey had lucky escapes

9) Ovnis (Portugal)

Before naming your child in Portugal, best consult the mammoth, 80-page government rules (and have it translated to English) that tells you which names you can and can’t use. It’s strict even down to which variations – Tomás is OK but Tom isn’t – and celebs can forget about the likes of Apple and Brooklyn, which aren’t even on the banned list.
There are more than 2,000 names on the banded list, including Ovnis – Portuguese for UFO.

10) Akuma AKA Devil (Japan)
in 1993 a Japanese parent called his son Akuma (which means Devil). The authorities decided this was an abuse of the parent’s rights to decide a child’s name and a lengthy court battle I best not call my boys demands when there bad
We must use one of the 2,232 ‘name kanji’ characters decided by the government.Where

where do the best baby names come from?

Daily prompt 16th June prompt as I thought I posted it then but didn’t

Many times I have tried to get rid of you .
But for one reason or another you find your way back into my like .
I have gone to counsellors talked to friends.
Iv done all I have been told to do.
And you seem to go away for awhile.
And while your gone my life seems happy healthy like nothing could possibly go wrong.
Then one day out of no where you suddenly arriviste back in my life.
I can’t really say out of no where as you come from somewhere.
But I’m tell you know you are going for good.
And only way I can get rid of you hate is to forgive those that have done me harm. So here it is I forgive you

Rain and tears

The rain in my heart is the tears that iv cried
And there nothing but darkness inside
The stroms ahead I do not dread
A strome is nothing to fear when you have nothing to loses hen your not here
A strome is but rain and wind tearing life apart.
Just like you done with my heart.
Inside and out its rain my tears and iv cried and thousand tears.
For what feels like a thousand years.
Out side my window I see the sun peek throw the rain clouds to say the strome
Is near an end
I hope it will for me one day.
The rainbow outside gives me hope for a new day.

Learn from 1940s part one .

At a time when the country is on a big downer as iv been told by friends daughter this is a time when we need to become one.
In the past the people of great Britain have shown to be great have shown such strength and compassion for one and another.
Right now we have people having to go to food banks to be able to feed there children.
We have seen mothers starve to feed her children or become so over whelmed that they have killed them self.
We need maybe not just great Britain but world we need to become one , one race supporting each other. There are so many people felling alone yet the other side of the wall was a person a person that at times may well hear the tears but fear to knock that door and ask can I help.
When I had my youngest son one day I was sat in a cafe and began crying none I was there for about ten fifth-teen mins crying as my son once again had not gained weight when we saw health Vistor and it didn’t hit me till I was there.
And everyone looked not one person even offered a tissue just looked.
Things like this should not happen if someone is crying someone should offer support.
We have a lot we could learn from each other, first thing is to allow others into or life’s.
I believe if we learnt from 1940s took the good parts from them.
Things like mums taking turns in watching the children things like helping each other . Basically being one extended families this would help eliminate many problems of the 21st century. Papers talk about a lack of male role models. Well if we did raise children with help of everyone on the estate then among them would be a male .

Movie meltdowns

With film budgets getting bigger and bigger prices going up to cover the costs. And effects getting better every year the spaces for lower budget films is becoming extinct. Spielberg and Lucas predict that the film industry is in for a melt down.

In a speech reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Spielberg said Lincoln was nearly made for TV network HBO because of struggles getting it in cinemas.

There is also talk about how big box office films will be staying in cinemas longer with higher prices and the wet films going to cinemas.
Lucas even went as far as to say that he could see the cinema becoming like theatres .
George Lucas added that he could see a model similar to theatre pricing, where fewer films were released, they stayed longer in the cinema (up to a year) and ticket prices increased depending on the film.
But if this dos go about how is any new director going to find his or her way. What about the films that have not been made based on events or books that have just been written to go straight to film not book first. As their be no Pre set fan base there be no big money budget. Cinemas for many generations have been a treat for children or a first date for a young couple. Or first time out for knew mum and dad timed between there new burns Feds. But if we going to only have big budget films and have them there for a while these people will no longer be ones mainly for as it says cost will be going up as well.
Where I live it’s 8.10 for adult and 6.45 a child, that’s a lot.
For my family like many it was a family tradition on pay-day.
But now I’m not sure as cost goes up and choice goes down.
What use to feed the next generation of magic of the cinema may be something of the past .

Is being “normal” — whatever that means to you — a good thing, or a bad thing? Neither?

Normality is but a state of mind so they say. Now in my view nothing and no one is normal.
Some of us are sheep as I call them which are copy cats of each other.
For me I’m never going to be normal as others state but I am of normal healthy mind. Am I normal because I wake up each and everyday I eat drink and sleep.
Am I abnormal because I like Sifi shows and some comedy’s?
Am I normal because I love those in my family?
But would that make me abnormal if I hated a family member even if they where not a very nice person?
Who makes the rules on what makes a person normal because to group any one thing means there has to be guild lines on what makes you part of that group.
Is it a good or a bad thing?
Well as I said before someone once said normality is but a state of mind declare you are normal makes you normal.
But as I have stated before to put any thing in to a group you must have set guidelines and to do this to humans is like giving a free pass for people to hate the so-called non normal and at that point where do we stop. It is never ever a good idea to put people in set groups . As it is stepping stone to segregation. And that can lead to like has done in some country’s elimination.

Control information. Daily blog 8/6//13

How do you manage your online privacy? Are there certain things you won’t post in certain places? Information you’ll never share online? Or do you assume information about you is accessible anyway?
I have stopped going on face book as Iv been unable to control my privacy on that site.i like to know whom is looking at photos or information about my sons. On here I may have photos but not as many and I control information about my sons.