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I try to not get mad about how my disablity effects my life and life my children have. But one thing keeps pushing my buttons and making me want to act like a child whose trying to ignore there sibling poking them i want to lash out like that child. But instead everyone gets to read about my anger as its more grown up then yelling screaming and blaming the world around me. So for three years now iv been trying to move last 2 years iv had 95 points its points system that one with highest points and meets the persons need the most then they get the place.  But the thing is every week there are loads of places for physically able or disabled one bedroom places and disabled over 55s places. But it is very rare to find a places for disabled family and i would like to live near my family as being a single mummy it would be better to have help near. Incase there is a problem that happens last min considering  the likely hood is higher than normal because of my disablity. There are many things that happen that do make me mad about people’s views on single disabled  parents . But seems the council are unaware of lack of housing for families with a disabled parents in them.  there are many other  lack of services that are accessable to disabled parents. For example the fact that if i take both my sons to cinema and a helper i can only go to front at most places as the back only has two seats and space for two wheelchairs. And at front there is huge gap between the chairs and it’s not right  families should be able to sit  together. And its not right that young children should  have to strain there neeck to view the film and in 3d viewings it tends to course head aches.  And when i go to playgroup things like getting my self a drink is always impossible and changing useing a changing station is impossible as its to high. and you get parents staring which caan make me really self aware but little ones stareing dont matter as they are or tend to be just trying to work out why  that i don’t mind. But the way professionals react that  angers  me instead of asking questions  they tend to make assumptions like my mum cares for my sons. Or that my sons have a social worker which they don’t. Any way enough moaning. hope everyone is well and blogging lol.

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family means everything

we hear Mps say family first you hear  it on programs and celebrities boast family means everything family’s first. what do’s  family first  truely mean i put my family wether it be family off my heart or blood or both come before any one. And Mps claim it means putting family first giving them a chance to have every avenue available to give their children a better chance in life then there parents and grandparents. But when REALLY come down to it do family put you first is it only close family who put you first or is it just everyone for them self.

I grew up an army child and i recall it being that basically the regiment help each other they helped each other out if a babysitter was needed one of the other wifes or single blokes sat for  you. If  mum was not there to pick you up a mum would wait or walk back the way your mum would walk in hope to meet her on the way. There were times when wages where not in or messed up and people would go out the way  to get you stuff to help you out. Now i don’t know many that would go out their way to help any one . and in army life i grew up in the family officers ect would always put family first they are as government is meant to be. family orientated as many other countries are,  why has society become so distant form one another when there all these claims that society is closer  due to advances in technology when we could not be any further apart. the government has no idea what life is like