The little things in life matter the most.

Its amazing how when your very young you don’t care about what others think you care how they feel but if they don’t like what you wear you just don’t care. Then as you get older you care about what your friends think ect. You start caring about labels ect and if you got then new this or that not realizing how much these things cost. This carry’s on even in your older teens but one day something changes. That something is becoming a mummy once you become mummy your life becomes about the little things the baby smiles hugs and kisses the hand made card on your birthday all those things never about looking good for friends or having top this or that. I realized how far this had gone when i took my boys to chesstington world of adventures told i could not go on rides but sitting in wheelchair for hours did not matter what mattered the most and made my day was seeing my two smiling boys then as pic above one very tired boy and one little man that tells the world about his amazing day out and time away that means world to me that made my holiday and time with big sister as well. 


4 thoughts on “The little things in life matter the most.

  1. What gorgeous little boys you have there Julieanne! Children are precious aren’t they?
    I raised three on my own so I know a little about your struggles. You have the added struggle though of having a disability. My children are all grown up now and have children of their own. I have 8 grandchildren and I love them to pieces.

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