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Foot prints


Two pics that seem so innocent but two pics that mean so much to me more then any one could ever tell. My oldest son kierren had a fight on his hands moment he was conceived. He was a baby that was never meant to be. I was told I would lose him so I waited and waited had times when I thought this is it time to say good bye. Then a rushed csection at 33 weeks I woke to find my baby was in scbu .
The two days I had not seen him it didn’t feel real then finely I sat out side the door when I went in and saw him all I could see at first was tiny foot wires and drip lines and toes.
And that moment even before I saw his face I loved him I was mum.
My youngest son was born at 35 weeks we were very very lucky he was born breathing very small tiny little person but this time I looked at his tiny feet not because it’s all I can see
but as person who’s feet don’t work these tiny feet that had been kicking me seemed so amazing. And knowing that one set of little foot prints had impacted my life so much I knew this second set would.


Can a film make chose a life path

Can films influence are life’s choices? If they can should we put more films of doctors that do amazing things. Or lawyers winning case that change people’s life’s. I have heard of people wanting to become astronomers because they wanted to find out if star wars could be true. Or wanting to become an engineer because of star wars. I meet a lady that became a lawyer after watching beeches. Is this just a one of here and there or should we be more aware of what are children watch not just horror or action not being right for young minds, but because if they glamorise unsavoury parts of life are children could chose that life. Or if they see a job that is made to look better then it is could lead them to life of under achievement. Makes me wonder what I should allow my sons to watch. As my oldest is all about supper Heros and saving the day. Although some of you may think he’s just about yo turn six its to young to think he keep that dream up. My sister was two and half when I was born the day she meet me she told everyone she wanted to be a nurse. She is now a district nurse. What’s is the right choice do I turn supper heros of start putting films of doctors lawyers ect on?

3 year old gets high heels and mothers cry out in out rage.

Ok so can’t recall dressing up in adults outfits and playing pretend. I know I did and I know when I heard songs I would sing along to them. Well a little girl on pageant program toddlers and tiaras is seen with her first pair of high heals for a pageant. Then the girl is seen singing I’m sexy and you know it. And doing some of the dance moves along to it. I know that I once had problem with my son as he heard the song sex is on fire and picked up on it. And was singing it at preschool. Totally innocently and it meant nothing to him but I feel as adults knew what that song was about they read more into it. I recall him copying dance moves he had seen on tv were he graded his groan I had to tell him not to as I knew people would read into it more then just a child copying of a tv program.
Do we read to much into these girls dressing up how any generations have in high heels because there not doing it in a park there doing it on stage. As there singing songs sang by older people but what about when young teens sing about heart break(leanne Rhine). My be to these children it is just another form of play I know if they did boys ones over her my son would love it any thing to be centre stage we always say about him. Is this just fun and games or are these children in need of saving because there emotional and social needs are not meet?