What would you do

A man was alone in his house he shares with his wife and son when two men break in and try to steal form the house.

Some where in middel of all that was going o the man killed one of the two men that broke into his house.

The second man is hurt as well but alive and being charged with attempted burglary and i hear you ask what about the other genital-man well he getting charged with murder.

As a singel mum of two young boys i wonder if i was broken into again but this time with me in the flat what would i be able to do to protect me  and my kids and if i hit them with a base ball bat would i be done for abh or gbh.

As iv bee broken into before and found that very scary knowing soe one had been in my home searched throw my stuff.

And the feeling that as im disabled im more aware of what i can and cant do it scary.

Why should you be charged for protecting your home they comeinto your home to ruin your home make it no longer feel like a safe haeven from the world outside which it should be.

I know that when ever i get home i put the key in the lock and for couple of seconds hold my breath wondering if any one has been in there.

And at night some time when i wake i wonder if any one is in here that should not be knowing they been throw my personal stuff and treated things that mean alot to me like rubish.

Someone comes in to your home to steal they dont just steal objects from your home they also take a bit of you that bit that makes you feel safe.

Its so wrong that you cant keep your self safe without fear of the law as they dont fear the law for ruining your life its a joke.


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