When someone becomes a teacher a nurse doctor dos that make there personal life no longer privet.

Dos stealing photos of another persons child make them a bad teacher dos it make it be that you no longer able to be trusted to guild young minds.

I am just not sure i can understand this young ladies pain from splitting with her boyfriend but that gives her no to hurt another.

But have we open are self to this by putting are lifes open for the world to see, as a mother my self im so proud of my children that i put photos on face book and updates when they reach mile stones.

Dos that give people the right to take these photos without  asking using them for there own means?

Where do you draw the line and say that not right? Because when they go to school there photo can betaken and used on the school web site.

If you go to local children’ s center they always  take photos of events happening where by chance your child could be in the back ground.

Dos this give the right for personal photos to be used in a lie?

What ever this young ladies pain there must be another way she could of getting back at her ex like date a hotter guy maybe?

Facebook is one of the only ways i can let all my family see my young sons grow up and why should that give any one the right to take these photos and use them .



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