What would he say if he could talk.

My youngest child dos not talk as much as my oldest but he dont need words really. He is very expressive in his gabbling and expressions. today we were going to tesscos as we shopped a lady about 80 came over to the trolley and looked at my blond hair blue eyed 16month old boy. she bends down to him and says” you are a cute little boy ” my son throwned  at her then out of his Innocent mouth comes just plain simple words ” yes kai is”i could fill my face going red looking  around hopeful that others did not hear  and saying sorry to the lady several times and she laughed and said good that he not afraid  to express his views and that i could agree with her.  We have had many time when things like this have happened one of my exs friends saw me in town with the baby looked at him and said i bet your daddy proud of you and as if little one had read my mind he look at her and said “who that”. When i took them to town one day me my mum and the boys we were walking throw town and there was a drunk man stumbling around in the road. i said  to my mum look drunk in middle of the day. And little man in his push chair points with his little chubby finggers “look look kj look drunk kj look” i could not belive it i felt totally shocked that he had managed that word and yelling it so loudly.I do wonder if knows what he is saying or if it is just great timing or something. My son don’t say alot but what he dos say seem to be what he thinks about it all and what can i say i think his view on world is very simple but true. wish we all could be a little bit more like this little man .

When it come to the older one there is no getting any thing past him he just as smart as they come. When it came to talking he was 6 months old by 18 months he could tell you what he was doing were he was going and how he was going to it. Now now he comes out with some amazing things like when they doing Noahs ark at school he asked if Noah got the wood from b and q or home base.  And many other amazing things like this. when he was three and i was pregnant with kai he asked when kai would be cooked and why he could not see the timer like the cooker timer. i could go on and on but my point to this is that adults should be more like this 2 boys look at world untainted simple and see things as they are not as we want them to be.



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