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26th June 1284

As a young child I visited Hamelin I saw the writings on the towns walls. I saw the play there and walked down the street where no music shall play no dancing shall happen.being seven when it enchanted me since that day many times I have had many questions. And had many theories about this event.
26th June 1284 130 children born in Hamelin were to follow the Pied Piper from the village but no one truly knows why the piper took the children. Historians have agreed that the tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, that was recorded in the 19th century by The brothers Grimm, is based on an actual event in which the children in Hamelin disappeared.There is a 14th century manuscript that states: “In the year of 1284, on June 26…a piper, clothed in many colours. and that there was 130 children born in Hamelin these were seduced and lost at the place of execution near the hill.”
It is interesting that at no place in the manuscripts any mention of rats. They didnt get added into the story until the 16th century. Also in 1605 it was written that the children were not harmed they simply emigrated to Transylvania.
later books make the story in to be a fairy tale and add bits such as disabled child was spared because it was unable to keep up with the other children.
Some theorists and researchers recently began to believe the piper represents a plague that struck the town, claiming mainly children as its victims.
And others believe the story is a of a sudden emigration not only of children, but of adults as well from Hamelin to other places in Europe but like many story’s passed on by word of mouth. There are as many theories as there is endings to this tale.
I don’t think there will ever be any answers until more investigating is done.I just wonder why when people do all this investigate Loch Ness monster big foot and ghosts why no one looks into this. As it is one mystery that at least half the facts have never changed. It also amazes me that it is such a wide spread tale . As when it did happen communication with the rest of the world was so limited. Makes me want to know so much more. Any one other then me think about it? Or any other mystery?



Daily prompt 16th June prompt as I thought I posted it then but didn’t

Many times I have tried to get rid of you .
But for one reason or another you find your way back into my like .
I have gone to counsellors talked to friends.
Iv done all I have been told to do.
And you seem to go away for awhile.
And while your gone my life seems happy healthy like nothing could possibly go wrong.
Then one day out of no where you suddenly arriviste back in my life.
I can’t really say out of no where as you come from somewhere.
But I’m tell you know you are going for good.
And only way I can get rid of you hate is to forgive those that have done me harm. So here it is I forgive you

Movie meltdowns

With film budgets getting bigger and bigger prices going up to cover the costs. And effects getting better every year the spaces for lower budget films is becoming extinct. Spielberg and Lucas predict that the film industry is in for a melt down.

In a speech reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Spielberg said Lincoln was nearly made for TV network HBO because of struggles getting it in cinemas.

There is also talk about how big box office films will be staying in cinemas longer with higher prices and the wet films going to cinemas.
Lucas even went as far as to say that he could see the cinema becoming like theatres .
George Lucas added that he could see a model similar to theatre pricing, where fewer films were released, they stayed longer in the cinema (up to a year) and ticket prices increased depending on the film.
But if this dos go about how is any new director going to find his or her way. What about the films that have not been made based on events or books that have just been written to go straight to film not book first. As their be no Pre set fan base there be no big money budget. Cinemas for many generations have been a treat for children or a first date for a young couple. Or first time out for knew mum and dad timed between there new burns Feds. But if we going to only have big budget films and have them there for a while these people will no longer be ones mainly for as it says cost will be going up as well.
Where I live it’s 8.10 for adult and 6.45 a child, that’s a lot.
For my family like many it was a family tradition on pay-day.
But now I’m not sure as cost goes up and choice goes down.
What use to feed the next generation of magic of the cinema may be something of the past .

Is being “normal” — whatever that means to you — a good thing, or a bad thing? Neither?

Normality is but a state of mind so they say. Now in my view nothing and no one is normal.
Some of us are sheep as I call them which are copy cats of each other.
For me I’m never going to be normal as others state but I am of normal healthy mind. Am I normal because I wake up each and everyday I eat drink and sleep.
Am I abnormal because I like Sifi shows and some comedy’s?
Am I normal because I love those in my family?
But would that make me abnormal if I hated a family member even if they where not a very nice person?
Who makes the rules on what makes a person normal because to group any one thing means there has to be guild lines on what makes you part of that group.
Is it a good or a bad thing?
Well as I said before someone once said normality is but a state of mind declare you are normal makes you normal.
But as I have stated before to put any thing in to a group you must have set guidelines and to do this to humans is like giving a free pass for people to hate the so-called non normal and at that point where do we stop. It is never ever a good idea to put people in set groups . As it is stepping stone to segregation. And that can lead to like has done in some country’s elimination.

Daily prompt don’t worry I’m just lost in my place

There is a place I like to go sometimes and this place is like no other.
At times it makes me so happy and other times it makes sad there are times going to this place gives me all the answers other times I come away with more questions than I had when I went there. But it is one of my favourite places to go. Best thing about this place is that I can go there any time in the day. Sometimes I know everything about everyone there other times I don’t but it can still be fun. There have been times when iv seen magic come alive there iv seen family’s pulled apart other times iv seen them reunited. Iv seen best friends help each other on endless journey. There is always something new. When I go I have to make sure it is when my boys are safe and not in need of me. Because once I’m there It’s really hard to leave sometimes I have to go there three or four times a day. It’s been this way for a while now. And now my oldest son is also coping his mummy and loves going as well now. But who can blame him the world of books is an amazing place to go a place were your able to be any one and archive any thing. Where if something bad is happening you can escape it for a while. Where if something is happening in your book closing it saves the person for a while at least. You can bring magic alive and travel to new places. And by showing my sons my passion I hope to give them passion as well.

Tell us about your favorite way to get lost in a simple activity — running, chopping vegetables, folding laundry, whatever. What’s it like when you’re in “the zone”?

What’s in a name my name has lots in it

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it?
All those years ago when my mum was pregnant with me she defied to ask my then 2 year old big sister what they should call the new baby.
At that Kipling my sister loved the song Mickey the 80s song oh Mickey what a pity you don’t understand take you by the heart ect.
Well thank heavens just before I was born shaken Stevens made the song oh oh Julie. Then when my mum had me she wanted me to have her oldest sisters middle name so they named me Julianne. Which is nice as it stands out because of the fact that it is not overly popular and I do used it on things like applying for jobs ect as it sticks in people’s minds. I get called jools by at first my fav uncle then by rest of my family that has always been a family name for me. I love the fact that I can shorten my name to Julie which I do.
But at school people would be horrible but now I’m older I realize that it don’t matter.
Only thing I would change is give my self of a middle name.
So when I had my sons I chose family names and names I liked with meaning my oldest sons name is
Kierren after a solider I knew who pasted the day my son was born protected some children. Then my favorite uncle is David jack so jack from him
Micheal is one of his middle names other is Campbell
Michael is my uncle David’s husbands name and my dads middle name.
Campbell is great uncle who was born early was not meant to survive the birth as his mum had TB but he made it 6 months and when kierren was born I thought that he needed strength for his fight being early and whole in heart one working kidney. So I gave him name that means strength to us in family.
Ps also kierren as it means little prince.

It was chosen by my son family tradition now.
Ewan comes from fact that its my brother in laws name.
His dad chose this name and never told me why.
He mainly gets called Kai Kai or rhyse ( re c)

Daily prompt stuck in the past

Fiction writers: You’re stuck in an elevator with an intriguing stranger. Write this scene.

Non-fiction writers: You’re stuck in an elevator with a person from your past. Write this scene.

Busy shopping in the optical shopping centre in reading as normal this time of year it’s jam-packed with people rushing around and there.
I walked towards the lift with massive winter scene on it. Pressed the button and while I waited organised the bags on my lap and ones on my wheelchair handles. Then the doors opened and I had the shock of my life there he stood with his blond hair in a kinda surfer dude look and huge blue eyes. My heart missed a beat. I knew I had no choice but to get in this lift as my mum had the boys and I was already late worn out and just wanted to go home this last thing I needed. Worst of all I could not move away from him as lift was just wide enough for a wheelchair and person so just me and him.
Pushed my self into the lift praying next stop was his. Lift went up on stop and doors didn’t open I turned my head to see when this nightmare was going to end. But then they flashed and flashed again then stopped smoke and sparks came out of the control panel.
I looked around thinking I must be asleep as no one has to realise nightmares unless they are asleep.
Then things got even worse.
He crouched down to look my in the face a couple of times he tried to speak but nothing come out. Those first couple of time was like someone’s sick joke if I didn’t know any better I would of though someone had a camera in the lift watching the terror on my face knowing when he spoke what he would talk about.
Then he managed it in a quite almost concerned voice”how are you these days?” I told him how I was ok and had two boys now and training I had gained. I asked how he was to be polite begging the elevator to suddenly start working. He told me how his marriage had failed but he had two boys now. Then came the moment I had feared ” where did we go wrong” he asked straight out not even a stutter or any thing. I got so mad at that moment how could he be so stupid not to know where it went wrong. Well for starters there was lying to others so I would get tormented yelled at and made to look a foul all for dumping you when you cheated. Then took you back and the aforementioned happened when I found out you blamed me. When I got pregnant you treated me badly broke my heart and blamed me for losing the baby. But I rose above that and answered ” we where young I was 18 still growing into becoming me and we just out grow each other . For over an hour he asked question after question of how come we split why I never got back with him if I thought about him. Most of which I answered honestly but last one I lined and said no but I had every year near my birthday the last time I saw him is when I think about him and one of my heavenly baby’s. but I always think that it all happened so my boys had someone to look over them when they were born early. He asks me why I’m quite was I thinking about the good times . I smiled and said yes but those good times lead to bad and then to where I am now. Suddenly the lift starts moving I here someone yell something then lift stops and opened by some big tool . Just outside the lift I thank him for helping me become who I am today.
Then we go on are own ways.

little hands can help alot daily prompt.

when you looked at my then inocent four year boy with his big  blue eyes you would never predict for a second what this little boy was about to do. It was July and Kai was only 9 weeks old. He was a tiny three pound at the time. He was very tiny and not putting on weight like babies are meant to. Well this day I was feeding him and his lips went blue and eyes roled. I told kierren to pass my phone before I would say any thing my little man had called 999 then went across the corridor to my friend asked her to call his nanny as baby Kai was sick. At just four he was so brave when he came I managed to get Kai breathing. My kierren with help of me telling him got nappies wipes baby grows as they all in draws and the medicines doctors had put him on. When the paramedics knocked the door he’s asked who the where for there ids like iv always told him to then let them in so I never once had to leave Kai. Those little hands did a lot that day but biggest thing they did was help save his brother.As always to his mummy he was and always is my hero but that day he showed the world.

Daily prompt

Daily Prompt: Memories For Sale
On a weekend road trip, far away from home, you stumble upon a garage sale in a neighborhood you’re passing through. Astonished, you find an object among the belongings for sale that you recognize. Tell us about
Looking throw items in boxes and on table I fingered this couple must have some couple with grown up children. And then I saw it I could not believe my eyes I can remember the very last time I saw it like it was yesterday. It’s no longer white almost Gray now baby pink bits no longer baby pink. It was no longer fluffy but all this was like when I saw it last well loved. It had traveled everywhere with me when i had all 32 ops he had been with me when my family moved to different places he was with me. It was brought in Guildford when I was 9 months old. Stuffed pig mix teddy with a back to front ear. I had named this teddy pinkey the pig and as it was a reject I knew this pig had to be mine. The very last time I had seen him was back in 2007 we had been flooded out with 4 foot of Walter in are home. I had to pack up all my stuff as my 13 month old needed a lot of stuff I knew I could only take a small amount of stuff so packed pinkey safely in labeled box. Then six months later when I went to open up all my boxes. Box number ten which had pinkey in was missing. For months I hoped to get the call saying someone had Found my duck. That day never came but now, now five and half years later in my hands was my treasured childhood friend the one consistent thing for visor many years. He was here now how I don’t know was it fate that I was here and he was or plain luck for once. I asked the woman she said it was donated to raise money or preschool in area. I paid pound for pinkey but in my eyes he’s priceless.

That facts are I did lose pinkey in way stated but fiction on finding as Sadley he’s never been found.

Daily prompt unconventional love

Over the weekend, we explored different ways to love. Today, tell us about the most unconventional love in your life.

To many they would never think of this as a thing to love as much as I do.
But the thing is if you have never be in the situations I have you would never really be able to understand why this means so much to me.
But look at my life the last six years we had floods lived in hotel the moved to a flat that made are life hell. Then I ended up in a messy relationship and got pregnant and had horrible people living in other flats not all but some from hell. Baby was born early and we ended up in and out of hospital first year of life. Ended up moving to my mum house oldest son had surgery my youngest never walked till he was nearly two. And never talked till he was over two so I spent a lot of time working with him. My youngest never wanted near his brother play with other children or play at all. He would make a horrible noise if he wanted something never words. So you may wonder what my unconventional love is well it is simple.
I love sound and mess of my sons fighting playing banging around just making loudspeaker of noise that drives others up the wall. Where it dos not me I love it and makes me happy.