Movie meltdowns

With film budgets getting bigger and bigger prices going up to cover the costs. And effects getting better every year the spaces for lower budget films is becoming extinct. Spielberg and Lucas predict that the film industry is in for a melt down.

In a speech reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Spielberg said Lincoln was nearly made for TV network HBO because of struggles getting it in cinemas.

There is also talk about how big box office films will be staying in cinemas longer with higher prices and the wet films going to cinemas.
Lucas even went as far as to say that he could see the cinema becoming like theatres .
George Lucas added that he could see a model similar to theatre pricing, where fewer films were released, they stayed longer in the cinema (up to a year) and ticket prices increased depending on the film.
But if this dos go about how is any new director going to find his or her way. What about the films that have not been made based on events or books that have just been written to go straight to film not book first. As their be no Pre set fan base there be no big money budget. Cinemas for many generations have been a treat for children or a first date for a young couple. Or first time out for knew mum and dad timed between there new burns Feds. But if we going to only have big budget films and have them there for a while these people will no longer be ones mainly for as it says cost will be going up as well.
Where I live it’s 8.10 for adult and 6.45 a child, that’s a lot.
For my family like many it was a family tradition on pay-day.
But now I’m not sure as cost goes up and choice goes down.
What use to feed the next generation of magic of the cinema may be something of the past .


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