Learn from 1940s part one .

At a time when the country is on a big downer as iv been told by friends daughter this is a time when we need to become one.
In the past the people of great Britain have shown to be great have shown such strength and compassion for one and another.
Right now we have people having to go to food banks to be able to feed there children.
We have seen mothers starve to feed her children or become so over whelmed that they have killed them self.
We need maybe not just great Britain but world we need to become one , one race supporting each other. There are so many people felling alone yet the other side of the wall was a person a person that at times may well hear the tears but fear to knock that door and ask can I help.
When I had my youngest son one day I was sat in a cafe and began crying none I was there for about ten fifth-teen mins crying as my son once again had not gained weight when we saw health Vistor and it didn’t hit me till I was there.
And everyone looked not one person even offered a tissue just looked.
Things like this should not happen if someone is crying someone should offer support.
We have a lot we could learn from each other, first thing is to allow others into or life’s.
I believe if we learnt from 1940s took the good parts from them.
Things like mums taking turns in watching the children things like helping each other . Basically being one extended families this would help eliminate many problems of the 21st century. Papers talk about a lack of male role models. Well if we did raise children with help of everyone on the estate then among them would be a male .


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