Is being “normal” — whatever that means to you — a good thing, or a bad thing? Neither?

Normality is but a state of mind so they say. Now in my view nothing and no one is normal.
Some of us are sheep as I call them which are copy cats of each other.
For me I’m never going to be normal as others state but I am of normal healthy mind. Am I normal because I wake up each and everyday I eat drink and sleep.
Am I abnormal because I like Sifi shows and some comedy’s?
Am I normal because I love those in my family?
But would that make me abnormal if I hated a family member even if they where not a very nice person?
Who makes the rules on what makes a person normal because to group any one thing means there has to be guild lines on what makes you part of that group.
Is it a good or a bad thing?
Well as I said before someone once said normality is but a state of mind declare you are normal makes you normal.
But as I have stated before to put any thing in to a group you must have set guidelines and to do this to humans is like giving a free pass for people to hate the so-called non normal and at that point where do we stop. It is never ever a good idea to put people in set groups . As it is stepping stone to segregation. And that can lead to like has done in some country’s elimination.


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