Daily prompt review some ones life as if it where a movie or book.

So today review is of claire

Story of young women life ups and downs of being a child born into army life at height of RIA bookings forklands and tours of Ireland. Then gulf war. See her learning to make right choices in life. Struggle with having a disabled sister and how she copes in germany where it is mainly her sister and mum.
How she goes throw teenage years staying on right path in life not chosing fun over her life goals.
And going throw college and the university . There a lot of struggles where you will her throw and find yourself crying with her or cheering when something goes right for her.
There are times when you think why did she not see that coming but it is a true story of hard times Turing good and a good girl coming on top. I think if every teenage who like claire hit point of making choice of fun or hard work saw what they have to do to get back on track I think they would learn. Or if they have messed up then are left think they can’t make it right this story will help them see they can.
If you like a spoiler see below

As you may have already worked out the main person is claire. The story starts with claire aged 34 talking about her life.
Then you go back to 1979 when she was born in Germany and her concerned 9 year old uncle worried about if she was going to be able to come home.
The fast forward till she is 3 and has a baby sister and her dad is of to the fork lands war and young claire is confused. She her sister and mum go to there Nan. It glides throw several difficult years of her dad coming back then going of to tour north an Ireland and the bookings in Aldershot. Starting school missing her sister while her sister is in hospital several times. Then comes leaving England of to germany while there her sister has problems with her legs again. And has to use crunches and have surgery. This point ten year old claire makes a choice she decides that she going to help other people when they are ill. This is the second time in her life she had mentioned something like this. While in germany claire faces her dad going to the gulf war and starting purity. And being away from extended family aunties uncles grandparents. They come back to England as claire reaches tender age of 14 and faces her dad leveling the army marketing bad choices in friends. Growing up struggling with making her dreams come true and having fun. We see her struggle with studies and achieve her goal of becoming a nurse and cancer.
At 26 claire finds love but it is not an easy road of travel she a nurse and he’s a para. They have ups and down as he go to affangastan four times and several other problems with an age gap and long distance relationship but not to spoil the ending less just


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