Daily prompt Facebook

WordPress references Facebook’s recent trouble with offensive content by asking: Is it a websites job to moderate the content users post? Or should users have freedom to say what they want? Is there a happy medium? If so, how would you structure it?

The second question asks: “…should users have freedom to say what they want?” The assumption underlying this question is that, currently, ‘all’ users have freedom to say what they want. Is that true?

As it is meant to be young adults and adults on Facebook it should safe but its not.
But the way they do it at moment is not right. Iv been reported for making a comment about my ex saying that he needed to grow up which he reported but the comment was in reply to him saying he did not feel old enough to be a dad even thou he had two children before mine and is in his 40s. There is keeping the bullying to a minimal then there’s over drive to point of being unable to express any thing. But then Iv seen other things said that Facebook have done nothing about. There needs to be a group of maybe volunteers that have full access to read all pages not emails ect unless someone is getting hassle and allows a person to but they would be able to asses situations. And by guid lines and taking into account statements of those involved . Because the way Facebook is why now I no longer have an account.


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