What’s in a name my name has lots in it

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it?
All those years ago when my mum was pregnant with me she defied to ask my then 2 year old big sister what they should call the new baby.
At that Kipling my sister loved the song Mickey the 80s song oh Mickey what a pity you don’t understand take you by the heart ect.
Well thank heavens just before I was born shaken Stevens made the song oh oh Julie. Then when my mum had me she wanted me to have her oldest sisters middle name so they named me Julianne. Which is nice as it stands out because of the fact that it is not overly popular and I do used it on things like applying for jobs ect as it sticks in people’s minds. I get called jools by at first my fav uncle then by rest of my family that has always been a family name for me. I love the fact that I can shorten my name to Julie which I do.
But at school people would be horrible but now I’m older I realize that it don’t matter.
Only thing I would change is give my self of a middle name.
So when I had my sons I chose family names and names I liked with meaning my oldest sons name is
Kierren after a solider I knew who pasted the day my son was born protected some children. Then my favorite uncle is David jack so jack from him
Micheal is one of his middle names other is Campbell
Michael is my uncle David’s husbands name and my dads middle name.
Campbell is great uncle who was born early was not meant to survive the birth as his mum had TB but he made it 6 months and when kierren was born I thought that he needed strength for his fight being early and whole in heart one working kidney. So I gave him name that means strength to us in family.
Ps also kierren as it means little prince.

It was chosen by my son family tradition now.
Ewan comes from fact that its my brother in laws name.
His dad chose this name and never told me why.
He mainly gets called Kai Kai or rhyse ( re c)


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