Disabled dating

Finding love as a single mum who is disabled is a complicated scary game.
And yes as bad as it sounds it is a game

Game plane of dating as a single mum (I will add on the disabled bits at bottom)
1. When you think about dating think about how your little ones will fit in . Will this person be a friend then boyfriend so your little one will not be aware of dating this person.

2. Will you be dating with group of friends ie they set you up on dates. Or online dating as you need game plan before you start as you need to work out what you’re doing before you do it.

3. If you’re not going to be friends first when are they going to be introduced to your children. As you need to consider the effects of if it don’t work on your little family.

4.When you decided to start dating you need to decide what you going to tell your children. Because its better at some point they know instead of just announcing that your pregnant or he’s moving in pushing you out.

5. When dating as a person with a disability when time is right explain your medical condition not as soon as you meet as its hard to find someone will to date a person with a disability. Then to scare them of with medical information.

6. Be clear when you arrange the date what you are able to do and not do.

7. I know as single mum and disabled its hard not to be so happy and carried away with love but a week into dating don’t start talking about moving in and babies.

When you have dated for a while you need to consider if this is go get to stage of moving in that you need to talk of your extra needs. If your in a wheelchair what you need help with and if your going to keep any help you got or not.

A lot of things on this list sometimes scares guys away but that just means there not right guy.


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