Shopping with drama prince

On and of today Iv been wondering what to write about. Told that personal blogs are not good but sorry I want to write what I know about.
Lately we have become all to aware that Kai has hit 3 as some of you are aware he has a delay in most areas so they class disability as global delay. So 3 is basically the terrible 2s for him and oh my gosh rant they just. So today going to do food shopping but Kai did not want to come as I could not find his trainers so had to put his shoes on him. So first we had the treatment of” Kai stay here mummy” so I told him how little boys can’t stay home alone. At that point he points out that he is by no means alone tinsel( which is my parents 7 month old lad ) is home with him and darlek and Oreo my cats and the fish. When he’s finish rattling of that list I tell him the are not able to care for him. I get the one most dreaded word in this house at the moment “why” so go throw all reasons why at same time thinking I am losing to a 3 year old when did my life become this……..
Silence falls for a moment I can see this look in his eyed telling me with saying a single word opps.
Then just a simple ok mummy. Now knowing the fight his just had with me when I thought oh no your up to something and yes he was.
Car trip was ok so was getting into store couple problems when getting trolley.
So going around store Kai decided to begin singing a lovely song and this is how it goes.
Kai got a little winkey kierren got little one to,
Nandad has got a huge winkey, mummy a mini so has nanny to .
This went on for four ails till he changed to yelling out mummy mummy I need to go a big poo. No matter how many Times I answered him. But thing is he was having fun he was not screaming or any thing. But the reactions where the best I had was” can’t you control him. To other mums and dads laughing. Manager saying he made her boring day happy. But I rather like to think of this as Kai’s dramatic moments.
From Julie


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