Daily prompt stuck in the past

Fiction writers: You’re stuck in an elevator with an intriguing stranger. Write this scene.

Non-fiction writers: You’re stuck in an elevator with a person from your past. Write this scene.

Busy shopping in the optical shopping centre in reading as normal this time of year it’s jam-packed with people rushing around and there.
I walked towards the lift with massive winter scene on it. Pressed the button and while I waited organised the bags on my lap and ones on my wheelchair handles. Then the doors opened and I had the shock of my life there he stood with his blond hair in a kinda surfer dude look and huge blue eyes. My heart missed a beat. I knew I had no choice but to get in this lift as my mum had the boys and I was already late worn out and just wanted to go home this last thing I needed. Worst of all I could not move away from him as lift was just wide enough for a wheelchair and person so just me and him.
Pushed my self into the lift praying next stop was his. Lift went up on stop and doors didn’t open I turned my head to see when this nightmare was going to end. But then they flashed and flashed again then stopped smoke and sparks came out of the control panel.
I looked around thinking I must be asleep as no one has to realise nightmares unless they are asleep.
Then things got even worse.
He crouched down to look my in the face a couple of times he tried to speak but nothing come out. Those first couple of time was like someone’s sick joke if I didn’t know any better I would of though someone had a camera in the lift watching the terror on my face knowing when he spoke what he would talk about.
Then he managed it in a quite almost concerned voice”how are you these days?” I told him how I was ok and had two boys now and training I had gained. I asked how he was to be polite begging the elevator to suddenly start working. He told me how his marriage had failed but he had two boys now. Then came the moment I had feared ” where did we go wrong” he asked straight out not even a stutter or any thing. I got so mad at that moment how could he be so stupid not to know where it went wrong. Well for starters there was lying to others so I would get tormented yelled at and made to look a foul all for dumping you when you cheated. Then took you back and the aforementioned happened when I found out you blamed me. When I got pregnant you treated me badly broke my heart and blamed me for losing the baby. But I rose above that and answered ” we where young I was 18 still growing into becoming me and we just out grow each other . For over an hour he asked question after question of how come we split why I never got back with him if I thought about him. Most of which I answered honestly but last one I lined and said no but I had every year near my birthday the last time I saw him is when I think about him and one of my heavenly baby’s. but I always think that it all happened so my boys had someone to look over them when they were born early. He asks me why I’m quite was I thinking about the good times . I smiled and said yes but those good times lead to bad and then to where I am now. Suddenly the lift starts moving I here someone yell something then lift stops and opened by some big tool . Just outside the lift I thank him for helping me become who I am today.
Then we go on are own ways.


2 thoughts on “Daily prompt stuck in the past

  1. I may be obtuse, but did this really happen? It would be ghastly to be stuck in an elevator with an old boyfriend who keeps rehashing the past!!!

    1. Iv never been stuck in elevator but iv bumped into an ex couple times and the convocation in this is bits of those chats. The endless why? Why not ect. Last night stuck in waiting room at doctor office. This is based on all that. As only time iv been stuck in one i have alone

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