Daily prompt

You receive a gift that is bittersweet and makes you nostalgic. What is it?
This has taken all day to write as what I’m going to write about is very emotional but it be good to write it.
In the last month we have lost both my grandparents which has be so very hard.
I felt as if my world had caved in when this happened I had lost lost so much so had my mum and sister and my sons.
My grandparents where second parents because when summer holidays came around I would go stay with them every year when in England or Germany. I would stay with them . My first year of life I stayed with them with my mum and sister as my dad was away with the army.
So you can understand how close I was to my grandparents.
Well back to 2013 and several days after my granddad died as he died two weeks ago now.
Well just several days after he had passed away I friend of mine brought a box over I opened it and it was photos printed of my old PCM that I thought was damaged in the flood.
Well days later I finely got around to sorting throw and found a photo I had totally forgot about a photo of my oldest with my grandparents.
It was heart reaching as I was so very happy to see this photo of just before they had got ill but also it reminded me that they never meet my youngest because in there last years of life they where unaware and at times violent.
But looking at that moment court in time my proud grandparents with there great- grandson brought some warmth that they meet kj but also that now they are both out of pain but also that they are together now and with their siblings now.
I love you nana and granddaddy now and forever


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