little hands can help alot daily prompt.

when you looked at my then inocent four year boy with his big  blue eyes you would never predict for a second what this little boy was about to do. It was July and Kai was only 9 weeks old. He was a tiny three pound at the time. He was very tiny and not putting on weight like babies are meant to. Well this day I was feeding him and his lips went blue and eyes roled. I told kierren to pass my phone before I would say any thing my little man had called 999 then went across the corridor to my friend asked her to call his nanny as baby Kai was sick. At just four he was so brave when he came I managed to get Kai breathing. My kierren with help of me telling him got nappies wipes baby grows as they all in draws and the medicines doctors had put him on. When the paramedics knocked the door he’s asked who the where for there ids like iv always told him to then let them in so I never once had to leave Kai. Those little hands did a lot that day but biggest thing they did was help save his brother.As always to his mummy he was and always is my hero but that day he showed the world.


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