Daily prompt number two

You never expect some who is an ex to your now boyfriend . Well in 2005 I was pregnant unhappy and far away from those I loved.
One day a fight with my boyfriend got bit to heated and I could not Handel it any more I was scared of what would happen if I did stay.
I had to go I was fighting with him on the phone the and it was day that he was picking up his daughter. His ex had heard the fight and you think in most cases she be rubbing it in his face.
But no she didn’t she just told him she was of to go and help me out four months pregnant disabled and had puppy I could hardly do much so she came over and helped me tidy up for when my parents turn up.
She helped me pack as much as I could and get my pup her stuff sorted which was great.
And when my mum and sister turned up she helped me load the car up . It was help I need at that moment in time someone who knew what he was like never questioned once me leaving or asked why we where fighting.
But I never expected his daughters mum to be the one to come and help.
Now well thanks to that help we are in contact as are children share a dad useless one but that useless man gave me a wonderful son and good friend three other amazing children all into my life.


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