Iv had a day of biting my lip . Well this has been a day of bumping into people that up set me as want them in my life. You see the ex friend of mine at end of her marriage accused me of having an affair with her ex who was my dads best mate. Now this persolike was a friend both of them where my sons god parents . And as I said my daD was friends with the guy yes I was texting him a lot but was concerned as he seemed down. But it seemed it back fired and I got accessed of having an affair which I had more respect for her mum and would not go there. I don’t think it be right thing to do. But this out burst coursed me to just avoid talking to her so when I messed up and spoke to her ex about something I was told being stupid I didn’t go to her. I realised today why iv been so mad at her not because of the her being mad at me. But because of the fact that I cared about her so much that it hurt that she think so low of me.i really don’t know what to do.


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