daily prompt fill in blanks.it kinda turned into a story opps

fill in the blank

Three people walk in to a bar

looking soaked covered in mud tiered . It would of been easy to ignore them but Jackie was the type of person when she saw a person in need she had to help them. Jackie leaned over the bar to talk to the tall dark-haired blue eyed man. She whispered to him “Is there any thing I can help with”  He looked at the other two and asked “IS their was any where they could wash up and change.” Jackie showed them to a room up stairs a triple suit. couple of hours later the young man came down with the other young man in the group. He thanked Jackie and said that shelly would be down soon. what seemed like an eternity walking along a burgundy carpet shelly looked almost angelic  in a mocha coloured maxi dress. her part up and part down with some  lose curls  dangling down randomly. Her smile light up her face and made her way towards the two men by the bar. one grabbed an arm each and walked to the door. As they opened the door loud noise out side fazed them for a moment shelly looked back just as Jackie was about to say good luck but not just good luck she yelled “good luck hun best hurry up people are waiting for may court and the may princess are waiting for their king queen and knight of the court. being a camalotte themed bar meant they had to provide king queen night princess’s for ay day float. And it was a good way to get shelly back fro college . Even if her car did break down in rain them trying to jump it they fell into muddy ditch. so her friends dad had towed the car and shelly friend who was meant t help her get ready went with the car. but now mother and daughter smile at each other shelly walked out got helped on to the mayday float with help from her boys turned one more time to see her mum locking up.   both smiled at each other and for one moment all fights of past tears and sorrow sadness or pain melted away because Jackie’s little girl was home. even if its just a day she was home.




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