What would you do

I had to laugh today at shocked look on the TA today as was talking to close friend of mine about summer holidays.
I said that at end of summer I miss my boy when he go’s back to school and now will miss my youngest as well as he’s started pea school as he calls it. The teachers assistant looked at me as if I was crazy then said wold you not like more time alone as you are a single mum or do you get a lot of time of what with your mum there all the time. At first I wanted to yell at her for thinking I don’t do everything for my boys because my mums there but instead I just thought well maybe she not met a lot of single mummy’s who disabled. Instead of yelling as that not set good example for my sons I decided to reply politely. I looked at trying to work out how best to reply and decided honesty and bit of tact was best. my fried beside me looking puzzled I replied simply by saying. “yes like all mums my sons can drive me up the walls at times they fight at times they can be grumpy. But at the very same time they are loving caring and amazing boys that turned my world upside down the moment iva one of them were born. And I would never ever change that as they make everyday wonderful. I love every moment with them the good as they seem to last forever and the bad as they seem to pass fast. And loving them and loving every moment with them is why I hate the end of the summer holidays and miss my sons when they go back to school.” she looked confused and said to me “Prozac is always good for helping you get throw the summer and make it seem better than it really is” I really could not believe what I was hearing someone who works with children and I know has child is saying that I think she needs to look at work she doing and maybe stay at one child. I wonder how others feel when there children go back to school after the six weeks of school. and I wonder what they would say to this TA. if you have any thoughts or comments I love to hear them.


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