Hi mum daily prompt

I never realized until I had my own babies how much my mum truly loved me.
And at times I’m sure I was dam hard to love never letting up as teen. And sadly for my mum I was born with additional needs. She had my sister as well who is nearly three years older then Me and i was in out of hospital half my life And my dad was in the army. So at times my mum was torn on where to be. At times she was taking coach nine miles a day to hospital. coming to see me once my sister was at school then leaving to be home in time for her. And this was even when my dad was in the gulf. So when the daily prompt is to write a letter to your mum it’s hard for me as one letter is not enough.
Here it gos.
Dear mum
When it comes to telling you I love you altho I may say this everyday words are not enough. You made me who I am today. And not only that you gave me an amazing childhood yes we never had much money but everyday was an adventure when we where with you. When I spent six weeks in hospital that was nine miles from home you made sure that you where there for me and claire. You always been supportive understanding and very much my cheerleader no matter what. You helped me learn to survive being in pain every day and losing use of my legs. I never made it throw everyday if not for you and your support. When my heart has been broken you knew what to do and say. When I miscarried and was mad at the world you where by my side no matter what was said. When I fell pregnant with kierren-jack and left his dad you where there you helped me. You helped me throw a very difficult Pregnacy and birth. Then kierren- jack being in scbu. No one could have been as supportive as you. Then throw difficult first year as a mummy and flood then moving to hotel for 6 months. When I got my own place then everyday you came down to help me out even if it was just a chat. As we where living in hell hole. Then another bad relationship but amazing baby boy who had hard start in life. When living there became to much you didn’t batter an eyelid just lEt the three of us turn your life and home upside down. But still never moan never yell. Even now as I’m going throw hard times with my boys diagnosis your by are side even thou we just lost your mum and dad. Your still more concerned about are health ect. I wish I could tell you how amazing you are in my eyes how wonderful and loving I think you are and how I will never ever ever be as good mum as you are as your just the best. I love you more then I could ever say. Please know and believe me when I say I’m proud to say your my mum.


8 thoughts on “Hi mum daily prompt

  1. You are a very brave lady, I am extremely grateful to meet you.I hope you will do well in life.
    All my best wishes are for you and your family.

      1. I agree I am just starting out and I am specticle as to what to share or not to share. After I read tips from wordpress like don’t use your real name. To late I already did! lol! It is hard to know what to share. I am a mother of 3 boys but they are grown and have their own lives now. Happy blogging and Happy parenting!

      2. Thanks Hun I used my first name kind of as mine double barreled. But Iv used my boys names at times. And three boys gosh that must of been loud fun house. You must read my blog to give me tips when I’m writing about my boys and stuff they do. As single mummy I’m alway in need of tips. And my mum only had girls. I keep following your blog as from what Iv already read its great keep on blogging.

      3. I will indeed follow yours and give you tips that would be my honor. Thank you for following me. I will be getting into some very touchy issues at times but most often they will be up beat. Take care and happy blogging!

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