10-4 whatguys / girls please read on what not to ask your girlfriend


They should never ever put her male friends down. By putting them down makes him look insecure and like he don’t trust her.

Number 9:

never end call on I call you on a set day .

Your making your self predictable which kills any spontaneous call happening

from you. Also you leave her waiting for you. And if she wants to call you she knows she can’t without looking desperate and its last thing any woman wants to be.

number 8:

this one really depends on the female in question. On first date never ever hint on more dates. Some men do this without realizing it such as when a woman says she likes something don’t mean you jump in there and suggest that you do that’s another date. That makes her feel like game over she got you . In early days she wants to have bit of a chase impress you enough to get second date.

Numbers 7:

this one can kill a relationship . What do men think when they ask how many people they have slept with. If the woman had made stupid choices when younger she don’t want to relive it. Secondly you look insecure.


when you text a woman or leave a message and she don’t return it. Don’t need to then phone her or text her and say I called you or texted you the other day and you Never replied.

Once again you look insecure and if early days really desperate. And totally guilt trip the young woman and we don’t like that. And you never know what’s going on at her home or in her life.

Do you like me please guys never say this. It is bad enough when us woman say it let alone when men say it. When men say it , it’s like putting a flashing sign above there head with I’m desperate in need of reassurance and love so please please love Me. When you feel the need to say it just say I enjoy your company I hope you feel the same. Less desperate more resurging for her first.

Never ever ask our girlfriend or date if she has a gym membership . It’s like saying love your fat and need to get your butt down to the gym.

Three two and one come later but what do you women think should be top 3


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