Daily prompt

The daily prompt got me thinking today as it asked what is love. Now if you ask my sons which I did what love is I got the following. Kai aged 3 I said to him what is love Kai he replied love you mummy and gave me kiss on face as he always tells us. Then asked my oldest kierren aged 6 and half I said to him what is love kierren? He replied mummy love is a feeling you know with out asking that it’s there you know it in your heart and soul. To me I think my kierren was on to something the word love is used to freely but when we are loved or in love words don’t express it we know it we feel it. My grandparents where madly in love with each other from young teens sadly till they passed recently they loved each other so much that when they separated they both became ill. And hospital had to put them in same room. When my nan passed two weeks for no real reason my granddaddy passed all doctors could say was his heart stopped because of a broken heart. True love is wanting the person you love to never feel bad never have sadness in there life wanting to better them not you all time. Wanting only the best for them. Weather that be a friend a child or a lover even a pet all love is same bases just different ranges of love. Love is in discribable interests felling that if not two way can bring up a range of emoutions and actions.
But when love is there no matter what type of love it is amazing.


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