My day

Don’t you just hate those days when everything you do is wrong well I had one of those days today. So start with life was turned upside down as had to get to my sisters early so my dad went there to go get dog so had chance to get kierren to school early. Then top it of ut got school to find harvest festivals was today and I not brought any thing in. So now had 6 year old falling apart two year old in bad mood as he wanted to stay in his pj but I got him dress and crowd of mums looking at me as if to say how dare you let your child down. Then try change an appointment to be able to fit in the assemberly in but can’t luckily mate stepped in to save day take pics for me. So got appointment find that instead of paper work I had grabbed kierren home work . Number one loser right here people, but got sorted in end.
Then going tescos wait 20 mins for some bloke who had no child with him to move out of parent and child parking. Right five mins without children or adults moaning at me. Try find moshi monsters to brib and buy my way out of my wrong doing but tescos let me down not one blinking moshi in whole store supper store my butt. Then this store helper I ask to get me sweet pastry gos gets me home pride I ask if they have own band. I get the killer shop assistant look the you dare to buy cheap brand do you have no standereds. Yes I do dare as I am cheap and tight fisted and any thing you want to call me as I would rather pay 79p then 2.pound 29p. Finely get all I need get to self serves and even the check out deciededs to have ago at
me. Please place iteams in the bags please remove your iteams now can get a break today I ended up yelling at the thing asking it to wait five then I deal with its needs. Luckily I got to my friends home and yes i had to count to ten more then once because Kai still grumpy but I had my girl at hand to help make it bit better. I th


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