My babysbond

My sons have four year age gapbetween then,I was always told it be hard to get them to bond. But life less sstressful thenhaving s,aller age gap. I often wonder where they get there info from. Since I fell pregnant with Kai kierren show intreast in him. When I went for scans he was amazed to see him grow move ect. The first time they meet kierren told midwife of for keeping his brother inas baby Kai should be home he told midwife. And from that day on wards Kai and kierren have had very close bond that is amazing to see. When Kai is sick even tho kierren-jack hates being around poorly people he be near Kai. And if kierren is crying upset for some unknow reason a hug from Kai makes it all better. But next second you hear mum Kai doing this, then mama err err which is way of saying kierren


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