Home baking


This time of year me and my boys love we do all sorts of Halloween stuff. But my favourite thing to do with them is put on Halloween DVD snuggle under blankets get love hugs and watch it with them. My oldest loves all things sifi. So this time of year like his mummy he’s in his element with all new kids sifi films out. And things like my babysitter a vampire back which he loves. But time that we really bond as he’s older this year he’s easier to talk to and can watch more things that I like as well as him. But are fav thing to do with him and his brother is bake. Reason for this is because they both love the fact that they can see all the ingredients go in and see the out come (and eat it) and they love trying new things as well which is great as some kids don’t. Photo here is making winter spice cakes which where lovely.


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