Things my boys say and do.

As my sons get older they are getting more fun and more funny. Some things they say could get an adult in trouble. Like the other day when we where up at are local hospital we where in the car park and prescription flew out of the car, now I was in the car my mum was putting my wheelchair in the boot. So this woman was walking past she was a very well-built woman and this moment I wish I could shrink. As my oldest son sees the woman “run” after the script he says when she gives it back to me ” she needed some exercise didn’t she mummy. ‘ Luckily the woman saw the funny side of it. And today me and my mum where talking about how to make flat jacks my mum turns
Around say she like to make ones with raisins in. My six-year-old pipes up and says I know how to make them. Thinking maybe he done them in school I smiled and looked at him. Then asked ” how do you make them babe” he replies ” well mummy you buy a flat jack mummy put holes in it and put raisins in the holes” I was laughing at him so much it hurt. But he didn’t find it funny and told me of. Thing is he was totally straight-faced.As for my youngest one well he’s so cheeky the other day I was talking to him. I was about to go out with his brother to have bit of bonding. Well as sat down with him to explain what was going to happen how I was going to take kj out but next time was his turn. Well got to last bit on saying bye and said to him are you going Be good boy for nanny. He looked me straight in eyes and said “no good” then pointed at tin of sweets and said clearly ” kai good Kai tete” which is sweetie for him. Nothing like starting young and knowing how to set out to gain something for being good.


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