Poor missing girl

  Poor family of the little girl April who is five years old and disabled was out playing and seen getting into a van. This poor little girl Is missing now for four-days, seeing this just made me feel sick to my stomach what if that was one of my two she was out riding her bike just outside her home with her friends. Even thou we are on a quite estate I would not let my oldest out with his little friends unless I was out there or Grandparents ect. I would not leave him alone without some one responsible out there. It could well be that where she lives on one of thew places where you can as I know where some of my family are you can still do this. Or as she has siblings maybe mum turned her back for matter of seconds like we all have at some point. But iva way what must the parents and siblings be feeling? And knowing this poor little will be in pain as she has not had medication she needs regularly. I think its sick that people are blaming her parents for not watching her as i said some places are still nice safe normally areas. Or her mum may have been on door step watching but had to pop in to check tea or see to another child. I have many a time people should not judge people till they know all facts. As much as iv have read about the type of people who do this sort of thing still I can’t even try think of why they would do this.  I could never comprehend taking someone’s child away from them (unless child was in danger) . All can do for this poor little girl is hope and pray that she is found And returned home safely back to her loving parents. 


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