Life but not as we know it?

Having a six-year-old has made me realise how fast stuff is changing compared to when I was a child. We took him to museum and we got to place where they had an old living room set up a done of the first tv. It was about 17-inch at most. My son sat on sofa and we explained that would be only tv in-house with whole families of 12 watching it. He looks around says where’s the remote dos it get the free view. Which did give me a good giggle. And when he had an op last July we had play station by side if the bed to play game on and started to get bored he found a copy of a scobby film which he asked to watch. It was on video and at the end credits so I began rewinding it which point he started to cry. I asked him if he was in pain I got answer no mummy you broke the DVD now all kids that come in can’t watch it. I had to laugh as I was rewinding it with it turned on lines across tv was what he thought Is broken. And of course he had never seen a video as when he was 1 we got flooded and lost all ares and DVDs where cheap enough at that point. But it’s amazing how much technology wise has changed in 6 years like recording sky on sky box kj asked me to stop his program till he finished on loo. When he came back I tilde him how when I was small we could not do that. He looked at me like I was from another planet. So when did you go to loo mummy I told him if missed something that was tuff. Hands on his hips and a confused face I got told OH MY GOD mummy that’s like end of the world what would you talk about at school next day. What if things had changed like people thought it would be now what would he say then if cars where like planes and we had towns in space ect. He probably think that I came from stone age. Mind you he has asked me what Jesus was like when I went to school with him and was Einstein in my year. Let’s just face it my oldest son thinks I’m a dinosaur. I’m just waiting for my youngest to find out what things like when I was little compared to now.


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