Brave family that made me think

A loss is a loss no matter how long you had something when it’s gone it’s lost yes. Well today i read the very sad and moving story of some very strong parents. I say strong as in there relationships and there will to achieve. They lost there very much loved son at tender age of 16. He was an only child as he was born early and like many parents who have seen there very sick child fight for there life. It did cross my mind at one point but nature took choice out of my hands. But that did not happen to this family any way,
They felt they no longer fitted in this world they where no longer a family. But also they where not and didnt want to be a couple without children. But they did not want a child to replace there beloved son as no child could replace another i know that but it could help give meaning to there life again i think thats just my view. So they decided to have another baby. They tried natural way but didn’t achieve there wish did several attempts of IVF. And in end they had there wish they where having twins but sadly due to a hospital error the twins a boy and a girl sadly when they where born the little boy had already past on and was forever been cared for by his big brother. And the little girl had brain damage beyond having a good life. The parents made a difficult choice that’s was best for there daughter and not them. As the lady could no longer carry a child and as they where of middle age they could no longer adopt they decided to be brave and ask another to give them the amazing gift of a child. They found a very brave and amazing lady who was willing to help them and I feel that women who do this are amazing. On second try she feel pregnant this time nature had given them two little boys and a girl. I read this story And felt such hope for future for this family. And grateful that altho I have lost baby’s . I have my two amazing baby boys. And hearing this story just made me think how lucky I am how grateful I am to have them. Also how easily that could change but to pray it never will. I wonder if some of the mums I see that risk there unborn children by smoking/drinking ever think about how there baby’s could be born more with problems. Or mums that have no time for there children drag them places or rather go clubbing them reading bed time story. I just wonder do they realise pain that could come there way.


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