part 1 fear its self

As my sons are getting older im having to deal with whole new lot of fears. My oldest son is very popular and very much the child in centre of everything and the child that wants to have people’s attention. I fear about him joining gangs getting into trouble with police. I have seen more of these days. where my younger son is very different he is very different from most other 2 year olds. I worry that other children may notice this that he could end up an outsider. But stop myself and think why am i fearing  these things as they change all the time. But what do parents of teenagers worry about what do teens them self worry about. Talking to some parents of teens as i wanted to  know what concerns  mum’s of teenagers worry about.  What i found was they had some of the fears i have about my sons when they hit teens pregnancy drugs and anorexia ,crime and drugs, STDs , STIs, knife attacks and guns where top of the list. The teen girls them self feared not fitting in and being alone without any friends being total outsiders, And fear of not being invited to it as they be odd one out at school. They also feared not being able to buy the right outfits and standing out because of it. When it boiled down to it their number one fear was not fitting in.For teen boys there fears was of turned down by girls or being seen as being a wimp. And being seen as not cool and not having the same as others.seems that  fitting in  is the most common fear of teens at this point. How can parents get their teens to understand their fears and protect them self .from the dangers that the parents have  concerns about as they  don’t fear these things. And how can parents learn to understand their teens fears or concerns  when they don’t see them as a danger. So  knowing other mothers fear these things makes me realise that yes these are real fears but at least knowing them i could try to give my sons as much advice as i can. To try to avoid these  all i have to deal with is back chat and slamming doors and teenage heart-break. But for now i deal with back chat of a six-year-old  strop’s, and 2-year-old tantrums.


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