mama bear has been let out her cage to fight for her cubs

There is nothing worse then an adult making assumptions about a child. Today my oldest decied he was gooing to throw a huge tanturm. And yes drives me insane when he dos this but its over in matter of seconds but the seconds he dos throw a tantrum i feel so mad at him but know how to get it undercontrol. Todays one was over the fact that he was not in the school clubs he wanted to be in with his best friend.
so when hes crying and shotting one mum pipes up just as hes about to stop which i knew he was going to as i know how he works. She turns to him and says come on how you meant to help your poor mummy in that state you know your mummy cant do much. Then she looks at me and says no need to say thanks i looked at her and smiled. What i really wanted to say was thats ok as i will not be saying thanks. It made him more up set and confussed as all was about to settle down and wwould of been on are way. then one of the ladys friends pipes up says oh him not having his dad around must lead to all these problems as my children have there dad and we get none of this. No just her child has been done for bullying often and her daughter has been kicked out of three schools but no nevre tanturm. At that point i did pipe up and said ” i’m sorry but this is a tanturm and they happen as children have to learn bounderies i would rather this then ten years time having a child that has never learnt to stick to the rules. And secondly my son may not have his dad around but no dad better then a bad dad”. She gave me a whole speach on how i should control my son while hers is biting her young baby girl whos only 3 months old then telling his mum that they need to go to toy store as he listend in shcool today. Then she gos on about how i should make my kids eat vegables and fruit. and should give my son a time table and set out tasks and toys he get for doing them and how i should make him play with set group of friends to give him higher standing at school as hes not got best standing no dad disabled mum poor child. This point i saw red and my rant began you tell me please if i was wroong for losing it. Now my sons go throw above advreage amount of furit and veg a week my oldest would rather eat fruit then sweets other week it was whole mellon which was amazing as then he wanted kiwi and as for my youngest we have to give him his meat on one plate veg on another or he eat all veg and leave the meat. so no my kids dont eat rubish all the time and if they did its no ones business other then me and school nurse. And i do have rules set out for both my sons to control them and 90 percent time they are under control but children are children they need to push bonduries to learn where the line is. And as for giving my son a time tabble of events and tasks giving him a toy for doing so a toy really would that not make a child think everytime they do something they should get a toy not do something to be helpful. but before you say any thing he dos have a sticker chaert and tasks to do to earn his pocket money. and high standing in school i do belive these children are in infents school not politics or something like that.” at that point i chose to rool away and let her shot to herself .
I felt that was best as it was upsetting for my sons let alone her children and all other children that where there.


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