A Familly torn apart

As i put my sons to bed tonight i could not help but hold them longer as all i could think about how one little girl is in ICU and how another little girl is left without been told that she loved to moon and back no bed time story and if she cries in middle of the  night there will be no one to hold her tight and say that everything is ok ok. And that little girl will probably need all of that now and more you ask well. The police belive that the reason behind this is money. They have been told that the shooting in france that has left one little girl fighting for her life. And another that little be forever left with the mental image of her move giving her daughter the one gift that any mother would do which is the gift of protection shielding her daughter from flying bullets. The person the belive is behind it all is the fathers own brother the childs uncle. has are world become so materialistic that a brother would shoot his own brother sister in law and niece that he is also thought to have beaten his niece as well. this poor little girl is left with the thought that her uncle wanted her dead and her sister is left knowing that if it was not for her mothers body she would iv a be dead or fighting for her life all because of money. what are we doing to each other that we have all become so materialistic that a family can be killed over it. what are we doing to next generations by becoming so materialistic that it can end in death family what will happen next. How has it come to this as these brother grew up together this brother would of held his nieces in his arms at one and congratulated his brother and sister in law. With all memories how could he look at those little girls face then shot her and kill her mum and dad. why has world become so materialistic that this could happen.

tonight im keeping these poor little girls in my mind.


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