Foot prints


Two pics that seem so innocent but two pics that mean so much to me more then any one could ever tell. My oldest son kierren had a fight on his hands moment he was conceived. He was a baby that was never meant to be. I was told I would lose him so I waited and waited had times when I thought this is it time to say good bye. Then a rushed csection at 33 weeks I woke to find my baby was in scbu .
The two days I had not seen him it didn’t feel real then finely I sat out side the door when I went in and saw him all I could see at first was tiny foot wires and drip lines and toes.
And that moment even before I saw his face I loved him I was mum.
My youngest son was born at 35 weeks we were very very lucky he was born breathing very small tiny little person but this time I looked at his tiny feet not because it’s all I can see
but as person who’s feet don’t work these tiny feet that had been kicking me seemed so amazing. And knowing that one set of little foot prints had impacted my life so much I knew this second set would.


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