Can a film make chose a life path

Can films influence are life’s choices? If they can should we put more films of doctors that do amazing things. Or lawyers winning case that change people’s life’s. I have heard of people wanting to become astronomers because they wanted to find out if star wars could be true. Or wanting to become an engineer because of star wars. I meet a lady that became a lawyer after watching beeches. Is this just a one of here and there or should we be more aware of what are children watch not just horror or action not being right for young minds, but because if they glamorise unsavoury parts of life are children could chose that life. Or if they see a job that is made to look better then it is could lead them to life of under achievement. Makes me wonder what I should allow my sons to watch. As my oldest is all about supper Heros and saving the day. Although some of you may think he’s just about yo turn six its to young to think he keep that dream up. My sister was two and half when I was born the day she meet me she told everyone she wanted to be a nurse. She is now a district nurse. What’s is the right choice do I turn supper heros of start putting films of doctors lawyers ect on?


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