Where has are pride gone

As an ex army child I can’t understand why the young men and women that risk there life’s don’t get more respect for what they do.
My sons will be raised to see that these people are fighting for those whom can’t fight for there self. How many of us can say we helped protect someone we don’t know someone who we have never had any other contact then fighting for there life there right to be free.
Yet the men and women that do this don’t do there job for the fame or huge sums of money but they should be given the respect they deserve.
But when I read that only 8 percent of british people would show that respect would say thank you for protecting helpless people.
That a huge amount of the British public that have a family member who is in the army would rather admit that family member was in jail then in army.
Where has British pride gone I tell my sons how proud I am of my dad there (nandad) and my brother in law.
My oldest son sees his nandad and uncle as a hero because of what they have done he tells people all the time about them. And says to people that people are alive now because they helped save them.
If a child of 5 nearly 6 gets it and has since he was about 3 why can’t more adults. Why are we not showing the pride we have in past generations. What has changed to make us a nation that dos not think highly of are men in combat.


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