When everything changed

As my sister drove down the road asking me if I wanted to go back. And saying to me don’t feel I have to stick to this choice. But only I knew that I had made this choice because of the little person moving inside of me. As I put my hand on my bump I whispered “I promise iv done what’s best for you” I could feel the emotions building up inside I wanted to cry but didn’t want any one to know how hurt I was. I had already coursed so much drama with trips to hospital often since I fell pregnant heavy bleeding but my little person was still going strong. I coursed my parents so much stress because I was told pregnancy was huge risk for me. And one I was very willing to take. When I got back home we settled in meet the midwife who was very concerned about us but promised to help. I had ten more hospital stays and from 24 weeks the little person who I now knew was my little boy kierren-jack. Every time I begged him to hold on in there till he was safe to come into the world. Things were hard as whole time I was fighting to keep my baby inside I was trying to fix my broken heart. The one thing that started to heal my heart was the day I found out i was having a little boy . I looked at that monitor and saw that little man wiggling around strong and fighting my heavy heart felt lighter and happy for first time in ages.



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