How far is to far when your child is hurt

As parents we feel and are sworn to protect are children from hurt and pain.

Reading in the paper today about Nicola young who’s daughter was getting bullied at school as she was not seen as perfect size.  School had been told about the bullying and seen to do nothing. The 11 year old had tried to avoid these people but still they would find her . One day the 11 girl pointed out to her mum the gang mrs young went over to them to sort the matter out.  To be told Blythe 15 year old girl to once again bring subject up with the school and pushed past her. Now I don’t condone what happened next but as a mother I can understand it. Nicoal young punched the girl several times in the face and pulled her hair. The nicaol has gone to court got one year parole and has to pay the girl 50 pound for being a victim and 200 pound court fees.

The impact statement is what got me as the 15 year old girl says she now scared to go out alone.

Which I totally believe and understand ,but is that not how her victim felt.yes the girls mum did wrong and got punished. Her victim  got victory in away for what she went throw that one day and scares that left but what is the 11 year old left with mum labeled a thug because she was pushed to far and made bad very bad choice. I just feel like the girl who started out as the victim still is. I feel that she  has totally been forgotten about. I would never take any thing this far but I. Can understand the mother rage  and desire to protect her child. But this time it was taken to far  but what is a suit able punishment for these kids.  When there adults theyGould be done for verbal assault or many other crimes if reported. But in school they get a telling of and maybe a detention.


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