True love soul mates really

Loves greatest gift is it real is there such a thing as true love one and only love are we meant to believe in?

Is there a place in moden society for true love. In a world were we have become lazy when it comes to socializing .

You used to meet people at cinemas when people never had DVD players and people used to meet at discos but lately they have turned into meat markets and so loud you can’t talk.

And due to fear of unknown in this day and age no one will talk to someone they don’t know throw fear of who they could be.

I have been in relationships and thought I loved the guys both my sons dads were guys I thought I loved.

Looking back on one of them it was not love it was lust and the need tobe me.

But I will not share who he is as its not fair on him.

And when past relationships ended I tend to fall out of love with the guys. But the only guy who I still have some feelings for is guy before I had my sons.

What is true love and soul mates is there such a thing or is this just a fairy tale we tell are children to give them hope. And with high amounts of males then females in the woRld how is every person “meant” to have a soul mate it is not possible. Or are some of us just to damaged to be loved by another person.

Are some really that in love with there selfs that they really can not love another person. Is there any way to solve this as you can’t prove that this modem world.There is a need for true love /soul mates as we need hope in this world and need fairy tales happy endings.



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