My life

Life can be very ver wheeling at times it can feel as if it is all caving in on you and you can take deep breath.
I know for me life is different I’m single disabled mum of two young boys so life can be more of a struggle.
I don’t think people understand how hard life is for me I get more warn out in so much pain that at times I feel like why me all I want is to be a good mummy. When I have a bad day I miss out on my son as I can’t do as much with them like I normally do. As I have to step back my mummy time on days that life is hard. I wish people would understand that no matter what I’m still there mummy. I’m always going to have good days and bad but no matter what I’m always going to be me. There are times I wish my life was more different easier but it’s not it is what it is.


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