My girls(for my close friends)

There are many times over this last 2years when Iv felt so alone and lost. When Iv wondered how I’m going to get throw that day and if it was even possible to get throw the night. I could not always turn to my family as they were in the middle of it all. I could never thank my friends enough for helping me get throw those times and still now helping me now. When life is hard you start to learn who are true friends who will be there for you who you can trust and who you should walk away from. And Iv learnt a lot over last two years and there a group of friends my girls who are truly amazing and I could never ever ever pay them back enough for what they have done for me. One friend has gone above and beyond to help me get throw I hope one day to be able to pay her back some how. Some times it takes hitting rock bottom to find out who will be the ones to help you back up I found that out and know that Iv got some great amazing friends.


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